Oracle Card of the Day – The Stag


Todays Oracle Card is The Stag. The Stag represents pride and leadership. What are the things that you need to take pride in in your life? Is there something that you have done that has made you feel ashamed? Then you should right the wrong or change your behavior. Don’t give into anything that will set you in a lower vibration and out of sync with the divine. If you feel timid and unsure of yourself the stag is here to remind you to take pride in yourself. Think about the characteristics of the stag and how you can apply it to your life. )0(


Witch in the City

I love walking in nature. For me, nothing compares to communing with nature and recharging my mind and body with the earth. Now that spring is here I am constantly outside walking around and communing with spirit. However, living in the city can limit my interaction with nature because I am surrounded by tall buildings and artificial materials. Sometimes I feel a little trapped, so I always make time to go to a park.

Luckily, Korea has parks everywhere so it isn’t difficult finding a space in nature. While each park varies in size, I am lucky enough to live near one of the larger ones: Olympic Park. This park is large and has so many different pathways where there is no shortage of grass, trees and flowers.

Sometimes, I am surprised by the similarities between the plants I see and in my home country and it makes me feel more connected to this land. I saw this patch of clovers and this dandelion and many thoughts crossed my mind. They are common plants, yet they hold special meaning and value. Both are edible and dandelion holds medicinal properties, which my mother had readily available for me whenever I was sick. It was also a flower that I would hold and make a wish before blowing its airy seeds into the air. Whenever I see a clover the child in me can’t help but try and find a four leaf clover for luck.


Another place I love going to is Seoul Forest. Each area offers something different to see and I walked by a new path where there were’t many people around. I felt so blessed to see the newly opened flowers and be welcomed into their home.

As I walked around I came across a tree that was exploding with blossoms. I was surprised because it was the only tree on the lane that had flowers and it was so stunning that it attracted the attention of all who walked by.

While nature may not abound in the city there is always a place that she can be found. Open your mind and heart to the whispers of the Goddess. Let her voice guide you to the place that will bring you into communion with her and the spirits of the earth )0(

New Moon in Aries – Hidden Moon

The new moon, or dark moon, is the start of a new beginning. This is the perfect time to begin something new and set your intentions towards what it is you want to grow. It is also a time to banish any negativity that you have attracted into your life.


Whenever I perform a spell or ritual during the dark moon I always use black candles to represent the moon phase and negative energy. This is to absorb the negative energy and “burn” it away or extinguish it. I always keep a clean altar, but especially so before I perform a ritual. It should be clean and have the magical items and tools you will use, as well as any offerings, if any, you have prepared for your god/goddesses.


For my spell, I used three black candles and a poem. The candleholder in the middle I used is a lotus and represents the growth I desire. I didn’t prepare any physical offerings, but I prepared the following poem for my goddess. Remember to ground yourself before you perform any ritual and/or spell and thank the deities that you work with.


                                         To the Dark Mother 
                          Her face is hidden, blacker than night
                               I am bidden to perform this rite
                                 I bow before your veiled face
                    Seeking ancient wisdom bestowed with grace
                                     I ask that I may acquire
                                         That which I desire
                       May I be filled with what I should know
                         To increase that which I want to grow
                           This I humbly ask of thee so let it be


Blessed dark moon 🌑

Underneath a Canopy of Blossoms at Jinhae’s Cherry Blossom Festival

Cherry blossom season is my absolute favorite season. I am in love with the canopy of light pink blossoms that delicately hang overhead. It’s such a fleeting season, but maybe that’s why I, along with millions of others, appreciate it that much more.

I journeyed to a small town at the bottom of Korea named Jinhae. This area is famous for their Cherry blossom festival and over 2 million visitors travel there for 2 short weeks. It was very crowded and I did get frustrated because I felt as though I was swimming through people. I had to stop and remind myself that these people all traveled far, or near, to glimpse the blossoms the same as I did. Once I accepted that these people weren’t going anywhere I was able to enjoy myself more. I was surrounded by such natural beauty and I was able to enjoy it with my partner. We were able to make memories together in one of my new favorite places and I captured many beautiful scenes.

I am grateful to the goddess that I was able to see and experience such beauty. The fleetingness of the season makes me appreciate it that much more. It’s a special treat that I get to look forward to and each year will bring a new and beautiful experience )0(


What’s in a Name? – Magical Beginnings

9C8AE76C-5898-43A4-AEB3-23C7F5EB7ED7Why Wadadli Witch Hazel? Well, Witch Hazel is my magical name. It actually came to me a few years ago as I sat in my room wondering if I had a magical name and what it could be. Nothing came to me for a while and I started to wonder if I had one, but it came to me when I stopped actively trying to think of one. I realized that I was trying to force it into being and once I allowed myself to be open I heard the name and it felt right. I actually laughed when I heard my name because it speaks so well to my personality. I love to laugh and joke and my magical name is too ironic not to fit me. The Goddess knows me best.

Wadadli pays homage to my heritage. It’s the old name of the island that my mother is from, Antigua. I love my Antiguan heritage and I have always been proud of our small, yet beautiful and unique island. I know that the strength of my ancestors will carry me through tough times and that their wisdom will guide me when I feel lost.

So, I’m a Caribbean-American witch. My name reflects my heritage and my magical path )0(