What’s in a Name? Magical Beginnings

Darkwood beach in Antigua

Why Wadadli Witch Hazel? Well, Witch Hazel is my magical name. It actually came to me a few years ago as I sat in my room wondering if I had a magical name and what it could be. Nothing came to me for a while and I started to wonder if I had one, but it came to me when I stopped actively trying to think of one. I realized that I was trying to force it into being and once I allowed myself to be open I heard the name and it felt right. I actually laughed when I heard my name because it speaks so well to my personality. I love to laugh and joke and my magical name is too ironic not to fit me. The Goddess knows me best.

Wadadli pays homage to my heritage. It’s the old name of the island that my mother is from, Antigua. I love my Antiguan heritage and I have always been proud of our small, yet beautiful and unique island. I know that the strength of my ancestors will carry me through tough times and that their wisdom will guide me when I feel lost.

So, I’m a Caribbean-American witch and my name reflects my heritage and my magical path )0(


Hi, I’m the Witch Hazel. I’m a queer, Caribbean-American witch currently living in Asia. I don’t claim to be an expert, but I would like to share my experiences and thoughts on my solitary path, as well as my travels and any other things I see as interesting. May the goddess guide us 🌒🌕🌘

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