How to Read Oracle Cards

Oracle cards were the first magical tool I bought myself when I set out on my magical path. I had always had a fascination with tarot cards, but I felt a bit intimidated about using them in my magical practice, so I decided to use oracle cards as sort of a stepping stone.

Find a set that you feel a connection with


I wasn’t sure about which set I should start with so I decided to look at different designs and see which one called to me. When I saw The Wisdom of Avalon Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid I knew that I wanted to have these cards. I have always had a fascination with the story of King Arthur, and most legends, and after reading the book The Mists of Avalon I felt even more connected to the magic of Avalon. The cards are beautifully designed and make me feel a part of Avalon.

Build a relationship with your cards

When I received my cards I took them out of the package and looked through each of them. I wanted to see each card and learn their meanings.

It’s important to touch each of your cards and have your energy flow through them. You want to be familiar with each card and you want them to be familiar with you. You can also say a little prayer over your cards or talk to them. Thank them for the wisdom and guidance that they will provide to you in your life and thank them for coming into your life. You can also read the accompanying book that comes with your set. This will help you understand the meaning of each card and guide you when you feel unsure.

Reading the cards using the guidebook 


When you first start out you may feel apprehensive or unsure, so you might want to rely on the guide book in the beginning.  You can use this until you become more comfortable with working with your cards.  It can also help you think more about what your spread means.

Reading the cards using intuition 


Eventually, you may want to start reading the cards using your intuition. When doing so look at each card and think about what it means in relation to your question. Read the words written on the card and look at the picture. Look at each detail. You can withdraw meaning even from the smallest details. Also, see which card draws you in more. That may be the one that holds the answer or it may be what you need to focus on.  Be confident in your intuition because it is your guides leading you and they only have your best interests in mind.

One card spread 


Using a one card spread is what I like to use to begin my day. I typically ask the cards what I need to be mindful of for the day. This helps me to pay attention to what I am seeing, what I say and how I interact with others.  I have also used this spread when I am reading tarot cards. Some people may find it unusual, but I have found it to be very helpful. If I am unsure of what the tarot cards are saying, or I need some clarity, I can use a one card spread to help me understand my other reading.

Three card spread 


I use this spread when I need to understand a situation a little deeper. You can use this spread to represent past, present, and future, three stages of something else or anything else you like. There isn’t a right or wrong way to read this spread or for what you want it to represent.

Four card cross spread 


You would use this spread if your question is a little more complicated and you’re in need of more guidance. I usually don’t use more cards than this because I find that the reading gets a little muddled and I lose sight of my question in trying to understand the meaning behind each card.

Asking questions 

You can ask the cards any question you want but I stay away from yes or no questions. The cards are not a magic eight ball and I would never want to use them in that way. Since I use them in my spiritual practice I want to use it more respectfully and use it in a way that can help me grow spiritually. They are a guide and whenever you ask a question I think it is best to ask questions that will help you understand a situation better. Don’t look at it as telling the future, but look at it as a guide to your future.

Choosing cards 

Sometimes I will choose a card from the top of the pile, but you don’t have to. You can choose a card from anywhere within the stack. You can move your hand(s) over the cards and feel which card(s) you feel energetically drawn to. Only choose a card that you feel is right.

Understanding cards that look scary 


Some cards may seem scary or unsettling but don’t be alarmed by these cards. Not everything is literal and somethings are metaphorical. For example, if you choose the card death it doesn’t mean literal death. Think about what death represents: It is the end of a cycle and a part of life.  If you choose this card it may represent the end of a relationship, situation or stage of life. Something must die, or end, in order for something new to be born. When dealing with these cards always think of what else they may represent and you will see that the universe is guiding you towards what is good.

May the goddess guide you  🌒🌕🌘




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