Herbal Magic: Using Herbs in Spells

My favorite items to use in my spellwork are herbs because of their practical and psychical aspects. I remember drinking herbal teas growing up and how my grandfather used to give us bush tea to drink whenever we had a cold. Bush tea is a traditional Caribbean tea that is a combination of various herbs. We drink this whenever we are sick or feel unwell. Sometimes I would go with my grandfather on his walks and I would watch how he would choose leaves from various bushes to make this tea. I always wondered how he knew which leaves to pick, but looking back on it now I see that he relied on knowledge passed down through the generations and his own intuition.

Practical applications 


Whenever I have a headache or I can’t sleep I like to drink peppermint tea. Not only is peppermint healing, but it also aids your psychic powers. Drink a cup of tea before bedtime and it will help soothe your mind and bring pleasant dreams.


Aloe is another favorite herb of mine and it was a plant that we always had growing in our home. My mother would use it on small burns from cooking oil and it is also great on sunburns. Rub the inside of the plant on the burn and you will feel cooling relief. This plant is also known for protection and luck, so keep it inside your home to increase your fortune and protect yourself from common accidents.


Another way I use herbs in my craft is as an offering to whichever deity I am working with. I try to find herbs that are associated with the diety or ones that I feel they would like. I always present it on a bowl reserved for my spells and rituals. I normally don’t consume these herbs as they are offerings, so I dispose of them after my spell is completed by putting them back into the earth.

The most delicious way to use herbs is through food. If you’re working a love spell you can easily add herbs such as cinnamon or dried rose petals to chocolate. If you’re making a meal to give yourself some courage then add thyme to your dish.


You can also add herbs to a bath to prepare yourself for a spell or as part of it. I prefer to use dried herbs for this and find that keeping the herbs in a tea bag makes it easier to clean up afterwards. You can also add essential oils to your bath to relax and help you focus your intentions.

However you decide to use herbs use your intuition as a guide. There is no right or wrong way in your craft. It is yours alone and in whatever way you practice stay true to your higher self. Blessed Be )0(



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