Super Blood Wolf Moon

The full moon is a time when I perform more powerful spells. The energy of the moon is at its peak and I feel more connected to the moon’s strength. This full moon will be unusually close to earth so it will appear larger and it will be the last total lunar eclipse until 2021. If you live in North America and South America you will have the best views of the eclipse. Sadly, I won’t be able to see the blood moon because I am currently in Asia, but I can still feel the magical energies flowing all around.

If you are going to perform any spells or rituals think about what this moon means. What does it mean for you? For your ancestors? If your ancestors lived in a colder climate with limited resources during the winter, then perhaps they were anticipating spring. The winter months can feel long when resources are limited. Maybe they heard the howling of a hungry pack of wolves who were searching for food. All of nature is subdued by the cold. You may be feeling lethargic from the winters cold, but you can allow the moon’s energies to surround you and guide you.

If you are working with any deities then you may want to consider working with those who are associated with wolves, the moon or winter. Some goddesses to consider:


Hecate – Many witches work with Hecate because she is associated with witchcraft, but she is also associated with the night, moon, ghosts and necromancy. A pack of dogs always accompanies her and she holds two torches in her hands. You can offer her bread, raw eggs, cheese, honey or cake and leave it at a crossroads. If that is not possible then an altar offering works as well.


Selene – A goddess that is known as being the moon itself she sometimes shows herself as a beautiful woman. She drives her moon chariot across the heavens, drawn by white, winged horses or bulls. And she carries a torch and wears a billowing cloak with a crescent moon on her head. You can include moonstones in your spell and offer her honey, milk, jasmine or anything white and round.


Cailleach – She is also known as Beira, Queen of Winter or old hag woman because she often appears as a one-eyed-hag. Cailleach is also the mother of the gods and goddesses in Scottish and Irish mythology. You can offer her pebbles, rocks, pine or something else associated with winter in your area.

Whichever god or goddess you choose for this full moon, seek their wisdom and strength. Let it guide you and imbue you with their strength or that which you seek. Blessed full moon 🌕



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