Bad Witch

I don’t follow the wheel of the year. I’m not always aware of the current moon phase. I don’t regularly write in my grimoire and my spells are minimal. I am a bad witch. Well, that is what I used to think.


Are any of these things necessary in the craft? When I first started in the craft I thought that they mattered a lot, so I got caught up in doing “witchy” things. I was constantly checking on the moon phases and what they meant and I would try to do these elaborate spells. Many times I would even force myself to write in my grimoire. Trying to keep up with what I thought of as the craft was exhausting me. I didn’t find joy in the craft and it started to feel like a chore and not something that was spiritual. So, I decided that I needed a break and I stopped practicing for several months. I needed to figure out what the craft meant to me or if I still wanted to continue.


I started to read books on witchcraft, not to learn how to be a witch, but to see what brought other witches to their craft. I needed to see what inspired them on their witchpath. I also listened to gurus and mystics on their understanding of the mysteries of the universe. This helped me to see what I believed in and helped guide me back to my witchpath. The more I watched and read, the more I understood and that was when I felt the magic stirring in my soul.


I decided to start over. I realized that I had set myself in a box of what witchcraft was when the craft is so much more than spells and moon phases. I began to follow what resonated with me and realized that I had been adhering to “rules” that meant nothing to me, so I put those things away. I no longer try to perform elaborate spells and I keep it minimal whenever I do. If it’s a full moon I don’t force myself to do a spell unless I feel the need to do one. Simply gazing at the moon and thanking the Goddess for her beauty is enough to fill my soul.

Now, I no longer view myself as a bad witch. I know my place within my craft and I am comfortable on my witchpath because I realize that no two witchpaths are the same.

This is now my truth within my craft

Witchcraft means knowing my power lies within.


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