Bad Witch

I don’t follow the wheel of the year. I’m not always aware of the current moon phase. I don’t regularly write in my grimoire. My spells are usually minimal and simple. I am a bad witch. Well, that’s what I used to think.


Are any of these things even necessary in the craft? When I first started in the craft I thought they mattered a lot. I was always aware of the moon phases, my spells were as elaborate as I knew how to set out, and I would almost force myself at times to write in my grimoire. Trying to keep up with what I thought of as the craft was starting to exhaust me. I didn’t find joy in my craft and it was becoming something that I didn’t feel a connection to and more of a chore. So I stopped practicing for some time. I needed a break to rest my mind and figure out what the craft meant to me or if it was something that I still wanted to continue in.


I read books on witchcraft because I wanted to see how other witches thought of their craft. I needed to see what inspired them and how they started on their witchpath. I listened to gurus on their understanding of the mysteries of the universe. Doing this helped me to see what it was I believed in and what I thought of as witchcraft. The more I read and watched, the more I felt the magic stirring in my soul. It was then that I understood I wasn’t being true to myself and following my witchpath.


I decided to start over and see what it was I thought of as my witchpath. I realized that the wheel of the year never resonated with me. There are a few of the sabbats that I follow because I feel a connection to them, but I leave alone what does not speak to me. I don’t try to perform elaborate spells anymore because it’s not something I ever cared to do and it doesn’t fit my personality. I keep it simple. I don’t rely on expensive tools because I know my power comes from the divine and resides within. If it’s a full moon and I forgot or I don’t feel the need for a spell I gaze at the moon and thank the goddess for her beauty.  I no longer view myself as a bad witch. I now know my place as a witch and I’m comfortable within my craft.


Everyone’s craft is unique to themselves, but this is what I have come to know as my truth of the craft:

Hi, I’m the Witch Hazel. I’m a queer, Caribbean-American witch currently living in Asia. I don’t claim to be an expert, but I would like to share my experiences and thoughts on my solitary path, as well as my travels and any other things I see as interesting. May the goddess guide us 🌒🌕🌘

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