Tarot Review: Everyday Tarot


Happy first day of October and welcome to the first Tuesdays with Tarot. On this corner of my blog, I will discuss all things tarot. Today, I want to talk about a deck I recently bought, the Everyday Tarot deck.

I love how small and compact this deck is. If you are someone who likes to travel, like me, then this is the perfect deck for you. The case has a magnetic strip on the side that keeps the box closed and the cards are kept inside of a plastic cover. Even the accompanying book has a little strip that it connects to keep it connected to the box. Overall, the packaging is very neat and well put together.

The guidebook is very minimalistic. If you are someone who likes to rely more on the guidebook then you might have a problem with this one because it only gives you the meanings of the cards and it doesn’t offer any more advice. I prefer this but it just comes down to personal preference. 

I like how thick the cards are, they definitely aren’t flimsy. And the gold around the edge of the cards just makes the deck stand out even more and look even more beautiful.  


The artwork on the cards is stunning. Initially, that is what drew me into buying this deck. The colors are the same on each card yet they don’t feel repetitive, you can feel and see the difference between each card. The artwork has a sort of modern yet old feel to it. The artist was able to blend the old and new together very well.


What I love about the outside design is that if you are doing a reading you can’t tell if the card will be right side up or upside down. For me, that’s something that I feel is very important when I do a reading. I don’t want to have any preconceived ideas before I see the card.


This deck is set up like most other tarot decks into major and minor arcana. The difference with these cards are that none of the faces have any details drawn on them. If you are someone that doesn’t like to get bogged down in the details this might be appealing to you. I usually like my cards to have a lot more detail to them so I can pull from the card what information I need to know. However, this deck is so beautifully illustrated that more details would’ve taken away from the art.


Overall, I love this deck. I think anyone doing a reading from these cards would feel very calm and more accepting of the message that the cards are trying to reveal to you. 


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