Full Moon Tarot Spread: Awareness


Last night was a full moon in my part of the world so I decided to do a spell accompanied by a tarot spread. Typically, I will do larger spreads on a full moon, but my intuition told me I only needed a two-card spread.

Before I shuffle my cards I always focus on my question while I’m holding my cards in my hands. I focus the energy of my question into the cards and then I shuffle, focusing on the question and being open to whatever the answers are.

Question: What do I need to be aware of in the upcoming moon cycle?

Seven of Pentacles


The seven of pentacles focuses on growth. I have many projects that I’m working on but I have felt that I needed to focus on a particular project right now. For me, this card is telling me to focus on the long term. A garden does not grow overnight and neither does success in worthwhile projects. Tend to your garden and water it daily with patience and care. The results may be slow or seem that way, but your efforts will bear fruit.

Page of Pentacles


The page of pentacles represents manifestation and opportunity and corresponds perfectly with the seven of pentacles. With perseverance and work, I know that I can see a positive outcome and manifest what I desire. That does not mean that everything will come easily, so I know that I need to focus my efforts on one thing to achieve my goal.

When reading tarot remember that the cards are a guide. Be open to their message and thank them for their guidance. Blessed day )0(


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