Magical Reading: Enchanted Living Magazine

IMG_0099+F (1)
Cover of the magazine featuring a WOC Bruja. Photo credit: Steve Parke

I’ve never been much of a magazine reader. I love to read, but I found most magazines lacking substance and depth. However, Enchanted Living Magazine is one of the exceptions. If you are a witch or anyone who is living a magical life I think you would appreciate their content. Their current issue, The Witch Issue, is just in time for the most magical time of year and my favorite Sabbat, Samhain.

Inside the issue. Photo credit: Lisa Gill

Reading through their magazine is a little difficult to stop. The photography is stunning and there is a little bit of everything to read about within. If you like the poetry of Alice Hoffman you will be pleased to see her work. Also, if you’re looking for some witchy or magical inspiration for your spells or rituals you can find various recipes and spells that you can use. And, if you’re artsy, there is even a tutorial on how to make your own besom and a few other magical tools.

It can be difficult to find quality reading content, but Enchanted Living magazine offers that to their readers. Add a little of their magic to your reading agenda and check out their Witch Issue. Blessed day and enchanted reading ✨📖

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*Photos courtesy of Enchanted Living Magazine


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