Samhain Night


Samhain night is here

The most blessed night of the year

When the veil between the worlds is thin

And we welcome our loved ones to come in

Come forth

Come forth

Come forth from the dark

Where your family sits around the hearth

Awaiting you to come forth

On this most hallowed eve we do yearn

For our loved ones past to return

May the speak with us of days long gone

May the wisdom they share linger on

For the night is soon to pass away

As dawn approaches and makes way for day

We have no tears to cry

For this is not a long goodbye

The wheel of the year will turn once more

And we will see our loved ones as before

~Blessed Samhain~

*Original poetry by Wadadli Witch Hazel


Hi, Iโ€™m the Witch Hazel. Iโ€™m a queer, Caribbean-American witch currently living in Asia. I donโ€™t claim to be an expert, but I would like to share my experiences and thoughts on my solitary path, as well as my travels and any other things I see as interesting. May the goddess guide us ๐ŸŒ’๐ŸŒ•๐ŸŒ˜

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