As the Wheel Turns to Spring


Spring is here and with it comes a new cycle of life. It is a time of birth and new beginnings but for many, this may not feel like spring. Due to the current outbreak of COVID-19, many people around the globe are quarantined in their homes. There is a lot of fear and uncertainty as we face this pandemic and many people do not feel the hope that spring brings. This is a time of change, but we can make it through if we bring ourselves back to alignment with the universe. Here a few things that you can do at home.



If you are one of the many people that are stuck at home then now is a great time to meditate. If you live with people find a quiet place to go for a few minutes or an hour and commune with your higher self, spirit guides, the universe, or yourself. Meditating will help ease any anxiety that you are feeling and help you gain clarity.


Cleanse your space

Release negative energy from your body, mind, and living space. Get rid of the physical clutter and do a cleanse. You can cleanse your space with smoke (herb bundles or incense works well), crystals, candlelight or any other thing that represents cleansing to you. Open your windows and allow the stagnant air to flow out and release your tensions into the wind. Afterwards, relax in a salt or herbal bath and feel your body release the negativity and fear that you were holing on to.


Go camping

If you are able to go camping, especially if you live in the city. This is the best form of social distancing where you won’t feel trapped and you get to commune with nature. Listen to the sounds and hear how life is reemerging from its winter nap. Observe the plants and animals and how they follow their instinct and relearn how to follow your instinct.


Rediscover the things that you enjoy

You have the time, so do the things that you like. Study how to improve on your hobby and feel the joy that it brings to do what you love. Doing the things that we love nourishes our soul and ignites our curiosity to learn more.

It may feel uncertain now, but the earth and seasons remain. We will get through this as our ancestors before. And so the wheel turns kissclipart-celtic-protection-symbols-clipart-wheel-of-the-yea-dfd5e346d1c349d2



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