Tarot of the Day: The Hermit


Sometimes when I do a reading for myself I will select a specific card because I want to draw the energy into myself. Now, more than ever we all need to practice being a hermit. The hermit has a reputation for being reclusive and maybe a bit strange to some, but there are many positive characteristics that we could emulate from the hermit.

A hermit is at peace with themselves. They are able to delve into their character and think introspectively about the world and their place in it. How do you view yourself? Are you at peace with where you are at in your life? Now is the time to think about what matters to you and where you want to be in the world and spiritually. Meditate more and for longer periods of time if you’re able to and seek clarity from yourself. Dive into your mind and form a bond with who you really are. This is your sacred journey to self-discovery and awareness and on it you will find yourself.


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