Full Moon Tarot Spread

It is another month and another full moon comes to use. I often wonder what this new cycle will bring into my life and I try to think of something meaningful to ask the cards whenever it is a full moon. Lately, I have been feeling restless and anxious, not only because of the current pandemic but also because I know I have not been living true to myself and higher purpose. So, because I could not focus on anything else I realized that that was my question. That is what my guides were pushing me towards asking.


Question: What are my guides trying to tell me?

Seven of Wands


The seven of wands stands for protection and fighting for what is yours and what you believe in. I realized that I have become somewhat stagnant and I have not been as true to my beliefs as I thought I had been. The message I received from this card is twofold: Stand up for your beliefs and honestly and with integrity. Don’t let societal and familial pressures sway you from your goals and beliefs. Also, protect those that you love and the things that you have worked hard for. Your loved ones are gifts from the goddess and your labor is your dreams materialized.

Page of Wands


The page of wands stands for the passion of life and being a free spirit. While I am typically a creative person lately I have not been utilizing my creativity, which has left me feeling restless. New ideas and thoughts have been flowing into my mind, but I have let them grow as they should. I know that the goddess and my guides are telling me to water the seeds that have been flowing in my mind and let them grow and lead me to another phase in my life.

Nine of Wands


The nine of wands represents standing tall, even in the face of adversity. It also means to be persistent, resilient, and ready to take action to finish something. I know that to actualize the ideas that my guides have sent me I need to be persistent and not distracted. There are people who will discourage me and try to divert me from my goal but as long as I am focused I can make it.

The Animal Guides of Avalon: The Cat


I like to use oracle cards when I do a three spread reading to give me clarity on my question and to expand my understanding. The cat represents healthy boundaries and independence. The message I received from this card is to not feel pressed for time. While it is important to stay focused, I need to also take time to rest and work again. The cat has nine lives so what isn’t finished today can be finished tomorrow. I can live freely and always land safely on my feet.


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