Six of Swords: Transition and Loss



Question of the day: What message does someone who will see this need to see?

When I pulled this card my thoughts immediately went to loss. Earlier this week I was told of the passing of a friend of the family. I was shocked and it felt unreal, but I realized that this is the unfortunate reality for many people around the world who are affected by COVID-19. There will be many more deaths and families will be changed without warning. Everyone will be affected in some way and we will have to walk into the unknown. This transition is frightening and will be filled with sorrow, but you will not be alone on your journey. While our loved ones will be missed as they are no longer with us in the body, they will be waiting for us on the other side. And through our journey in life, we will not be alone. There will be many others whose stories will resemble our own and together we can forge new bonds and comfort each other. The journey may not be easy at times, but tomorrow will always be a brighter day.



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