Finding Your Magic

Sometimes it can be difficult to feel magical or to feel the magic that is around us. Everyday life can feel monotonous and get in the way of our magical practice, but there are a few ways that we can incorporate magic into our daily lives. Here are a few tips that can help you live more magically.

Create magical moments


Sometimes we get caught up in everyday life and its responsibilities. It can be easy to forget about the magical aspect of our lives so it is important to make time for them. Anything can be a magical moment when you have intent. If you make coffee or tea in the morning think of it as a morning spell that is energizing you for the day. Take mundane moments and add your magical intention to them.



Meditating is great to clear your mind, but it is also a good way to channel magic. When your mind is clear you will find that your energy is more stable and you are more open. Tap into different energies and feel their vibrations and how they move. If it resonates with you try to incorporate what you see and feel into your magical practice.

Be creative


Find time to paint, draw, write or anything that calls to you. Put your creativity into it and see how the magic within you is poured into your project. If you see something that you create you will feel more connected to magic and it will feel more natural to you.

Have a magical space


Have an altar or a dedicated space for your magical practice. Having a magical space gives you the visual representation of what magic means to you. And, it gives you a space to feel your connection to magic.

Read about magic


Read about magic and magic practitioners of various paths. Whether they are fictional or nonfictional it can give you inspiration for your own magical journey and help you feel magic and think more magically.

Magic is all around

and it can be easily found.

If you look around you will see

that magic is within you and me.


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