Seeing Through Spiritual Eyes



The message of the day is seeing through spiritual eyes to reveal the truth


The Owl is one of the animal guides of Avalon that lends you its eyes of wisdom to see through the dark and deception. There may be a person in your life that is hiding their ill intent towards you. You may even be your own enemy and are lying to yourself about a situation, relationship, goal, etc. The Owl asks you to see through his eyes of truth and free yourself from the negative energy of deception. Attune yourself to the Owl’s energy and all will be revealed.


The High Priestess is Avalon’s messenger of discernment and foresight. Like the Owl, she helps you to see through deception and also beyond this reality. On this part of your journey, you need to trust your intuition and open your awareness to what lies beyond the appearance of rationale. Allow yourself to see through your spiritual eyes and pay attention to your dreams and gut feelings. The High Priestess will offer you her wisdom to see the truth and bless you on your path.


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