Spellbound: How to Create Spells

Spellwork can feel intimidating when you’re new to the craft or when you feel that you just don’t know how to go about writing a spell. While there are many ready-made-spells that you can use there is a beautiful feeling that you get when you write and create your own spells. Here are a few simple steps to take to create your ouwn spells.

Gather ingredients


This is the fun part of your spellwork and where your creativity can shine through. The first thing I think about is what energies I want to draw on. If I am doing a love spell then I would use rose petals, jasmine, or rose quartz. I would also use other items with pink and red such as candles and cloths. These are items that I associate with love and it gives me a focal point for my spell as well.

Be specific


When you write your spell you want to be as specific as possible. This not only helps you to narrow down what you want, but it also gives you one thing to focus on and pour your intention into. The universe won’t be able to respond to your spell without you knowing what you want.



Depending on your tradtion you might want to perform your spell during a certain time of day, moon phase, or season. Think through how long it will take to prepare your spell so that you will be prepared. Attune yourself to the time and feel the changing of the weather and time of day. Feel your connection to nature and how it responds to your energies.

Set your intention

Our Intentions create our reality. (1)

Before you cast you spell it is important to set your inention. If my mind is feeling unsettled I will wait until it calms down before I perform my spell. Our words and thoughts are magic and when we combine them we create our realites.



Once you have all your tools and or ingredients preapre your mind and clear out all other thoughts, save for what you are trying to create or draw into your life. Make sure your space is quiet and that you won’t be disturbed and speak your prayer, chant, or any words that you have prepared. Say them as many times as you have to to feel the power of what you are doing. Feel the energy swirling in and around you and release it out into the universe. I like to end my spells by saying, “And so it is.” This reaffirms my belief in what I have done and that it will come to me in the right time.

Spellwork is beautiful and creating your own spells will deepen your connection to your craft and the spirits and deities you work with. Belive in your magic and watch it unfold. And so it is


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