Reconnecting to Spirit




Lately, I have been feeling disconnected as though I have lost my way on my path. I haven’t felt the connection to the universe that I once felt but I decided to do a full moon spread, albeit reluctantly. I decided that since I have been feeling a disconnect that I should ask the cards how can I reconnect to my spirit and the universe. It’s funny how the cards will reveal themselves, even when we are feeling lost and uncertain.


This is the second time in a month that I have pulled this card, so the message for me is to seek out what the angels are trying to communicate to me. It’s not always easy to hear what the angels are trying to say, but their message can be heard when we pray to them. I have also wanted to speak more with my angels and connect with them on a deeper level so this is one of the signs I needed to tell me that communication is open if I seek it out.


I deal with depression so my emotions are usually up and down, but lately I have been sinking deeper into my depression. I know that I am more than my feelings and that they do not define me but if you suffer from depression it can feel impossible to actually see things that way. The Water Faery reminds me that my feelings and emotions can easily be washed away if I am willing to be fluid. When we’re fluid we allow change to come into our lives because our feelings are what manifest our reality. If we look into the water and smile we will see our smile reflected back to us.


In order for us to make room for change and growth we have to be willing to move. Everything has a cycle and all things must change. Release any tension and rigidity from your life and allow yourself to move from a relationship, thought pattern, or anything that does not serve your higher self and spiritual purpose. When we allow ourselves to move we can flow with the current of our life towards the next cycle.


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