Spellwork with Tarot Cards

What I love about spellwork is that you can do it any way that you like. A while back, I bought a new deck of tarot cards and the creator of the deck mentioned using the cards in spellwork. I loved that idea and decided to incorporate it into my craft and it has worked out well in my spellwork.


What I love about love spells is that you can use them even when you are in a relationship. Right now my partner and I are physically separated due to COVID-19 and I have been really missing being around her. I want to close the distance between us but also strengthen our bond until we are reunited. This card symbolizes not only love but the divine looking favorably down on the love of the couple(the angel looking down on them and covering them with their wings). They are near temptation(view the snake on the apple tree behind the woman) yet they are not troubled by it. They are in harmony and balance with one another and the divine and are divinely blessed.

I surrounded this card with rose petals and rose quartz because these things symbolize the frequency of love to me and I want my partner and I to remain on the same love frequency.


I chose to do my spell in a book of poems on love and found a poem that resonated with me on our love. For me, this will remind us of when we first found our love for each other and will continue to surround us in our love.

I will keep the book open for a few days and surround it with incense and read the words of the poems within.

While physical distance is difficult, you can still maintain your love frequency and even strengthen it. Be open(naked and not hiding anything) with each other and share your soul with your lover and be vulnerable. Feel their soul’s desire and watch your relationship blossom into its truest form.


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