The Sun: Connecting With Your Inner Child



Today’s tarot card is The Sun. This card represents optimism, your inner child, and joy. What I love about this card is how it shows us to be playful while basking in the radiance of divine rays. With the Sun shining on us we can be naked, open, and unafraid. There is nothing to hide under the Sun’s rays so connect to your inner child and take time to play.

The Sun also gives us strength and lights the way for us in our darkest moments. With its rays shining on us we can see through any situation and gain its positive energy. Allow this warm energy to fill your being and radiate outwards and share the gifts of the Sun with those around you. This will attract more of what you need and bring people and situations into your life that you may have overlooked.

When the Sun appears it is a sign that you are on the right path and will have all that you need to succeed. Remain enthusiastic and the sun will invigorate you with its light.


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