Finding Your Witchpath

Whether you’re just starting out in the craft or you’ve been practicing for years we can all use a little extra guidance at times. You may feel lost or in need of assistance to figure out what your witchpath is, like I have at times. Here are a few things to consider on your witchy journey.

Think about what interests you


What calls to you? What do you find interesting? Think about the things that fascinate you, magical and nonmagical, and find their magical equivalent if they have one or make your own. Read and learn about these topics and slowly incorporate them into your craft.

Read about magical practices (non-closed)


Find inspiration from other magical practices (open practices) and see what inspires and calls to you. Even if you don’t incorporate any of their practices into your own path you can gain knowledge that will help and inspire you. Use this knowledge to help develop your own path.

Document your journey


You don’t have to call your book a grimoire or a book of shadows, but it is important to document your journey. You can look back on how you’ve grown and see what works for you and how it has transformed your craft. Don’t worry about how well it’s written, think of it as your witchy diary so the content is for your eyes only.

Connect to your spirit guides


Connecting to your spirit guides, or other entities that seek your good, is an important part of your journey. They can help bring you clarity and direct you to where you should be. Meditate and ask them for their guidance. There’s no better source of information than from your guides.

Think about what is important to you


What do you value? I have found that my craft is influenced by my morality and the things that I find important. I cared about the earth and how we treat her before I became a witch, so this influenced my path. Also, I was raised in a home that used herbal remedies and now use herbs immensely in my craft. The things you value will help to shape your craft so think about what they are and let that be your guide.

Look to your heritage


A meaningful way to connect to your ancestors is to seek their wisdom from magical traditions in your culture. Our ancestors are also our guides and we can feel their power through the magic of those that have come before us. Read about magical practices in your culture and see what calls out to you.

You witchpath is your own and should reflect your personality and spiritual growth. It will change over time as you learn and grow on your journey. Let the spirit of truth always be your guide.


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