Justice Must Be Had




Justice is fair. She is firm. She stands tall with a double-edged sword in her hand that brings forth her justice. Her crown directs her thoughts and she thinks clearly, logically, and fairly. He scales balance what has been done and weigh the actions. How would you measure on the scales of justice?

Justice must be had.

Justice must be had for my bother crying out for mercy.

Justice must be had for my brother begging for his life.

Justice must be had.

Now is the time for justice. We need those in positions of authority to know that their abuse of power will no longer be tolerated and they will be held accountable. If we are all going to live together on this speck of dust we need fairness and equity for all and not some of the population. We need them to know, understand, and feel that all lives do not matter until the black ones do as well. For too long we have been crying out for justice for our sons, daughter, brothers, sisters, and our family. How much longer will you have us wait? I say that we wait no longer. Now is the time for justice and now is the time for her voice to be heard.

eau de parfum


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