Message of Change




Change happens all the time, it’s a part of the cycle of life. After my last tarot spell on the full moon, I wanted to commune with Spirit and my ancestors on what course of action I should take during this new transition.

Question: How can I bring about change?

The Merlin


The Merlin is an alchemist, magician, and high priest. Through alchemy, he can turn iron into gold. He represents transformation and changing a negative situation or circumstance into one that benefits you. He shows you that through wisdom and claiming your magic you can bring about change and balance. Whatever signs he sends are a reflection of what lies within you, so trust your magic.



Trust in the Universe and the process. There are cosmic events at play that we are unaware of and it can be difficult to believe that there is a plan, but the divine knows all. Trust in the process that has been laid out and push through the obstacles that come before you. Remind yourself that you are spirit and reconnect with the earth and your spirit guides. Lean on their wisdom.

The Novice


Be open to learning new things. The Novice is aware of how much they do not understand and is willing to take in new information. Be humble and teachable and open your mind to new ways of thinking and be willing to unlearn the things that do not serve you or others. Remember to ask questions of yourself and dig into the root of things to gain wisdom. If you remain open you will not remain a novice for long and will soon be on your way to deepening your knowledge.

While my question was specific to what I can do it can apply to anyone who wants to bring about change. With the Merlin we know that we have what is required if we look within. We are stronger than we know and we have the ability to turn something bad into something great.

Through trust, we must trust ourselves and the divine. There is a plan and a way, we just have to walk the path and trust.

If we remain teachable and curious we can find new ways to help us grow in knowledge and use what we have learned for others. We are all in this together and what we do for one person is done for all. Be well on your path and be kind to those that you meet.


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