Herbal Magic: The Best Herbs for Spellwork

Herbs are an easy addition to any spell. Their energy can infuse your spells with certain qualities that you want to draw out while bringing you into connection with the earth. There are many that can be difficult to find or expensive to add to your cupboard, but the wonderful thing about herbs is that the qualities you are looking for can be found in more common herbs. Here is a list of herbs that are easily assessable and relatively inexpensive to find.


Rosemary – Protection, love, healing, purification, protection.


Rosemary can be found in any grocery store and most households. You can easily add a teaspoon of rosemary to whatever dish you are cooking to add an extra dose of love or protection. You can also add rosemary (essential oil or a few sprigs) to your bath water if you are doing a protection spell and want to surround yourself in a protective shield.

Lavender – Luck, protection, sleep, purification, peace, happiness.


I like to use lavender oil at night if I am having a difficult time sleeping. I have found that I have more peaceful dreams when I use lavender oil and I wake up more relaxed. Also, because it has purification properties I have found that it helps to cleanse my energy and I have mental clarity.

Clove – Protection, love, money.

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I use the oil in a diffuser to invite prosperity into my home, but the actual herb can be added to money jar spells as well. Because its properties are related to protection and money it works best in spells that looking for financial stability. It will draw in wealth and protect it from leaving you.

Basil – Love, wealth, protection.


Basil is another herb that is easy to find. Since it is a common herb you can add it to your food and do a little kitchen magic. If you’re doing a love spell then a few teaspoons to pasta or pesto sauce.

Rose – Love, luck, protection, divination, healing.


*Only use organic or non-dyed petals if you are going to consume or use them on your body.

Rose petals can easily be added to teas and sprinkled in a space that you want to invite love into. You can also add a few rose petals to a sachet to attract love. They can also be given as an offering to deities that preside over love and sex.

Bay leaf – Protection, psychic powers, strength, purification, healing.


My family has always used bay leaves in our soups and sprinkled around our dry food to keep away bugs. Place a few leaves in a sachet or in a money jar spell to attract wealth. If you want to develop your physic abilities place a few leaves under your pillow each night before you go to bed.

Mint – Money, healing, protection, healing, lust.


Mint is easy to use as a tea to draw out healing and protection. Pour yourself a warm cup and hold the cup in your had. Feel the warmth spread from your hands and visualize it spreading throughout your body creating a protective shield.

Dandelion – Divination.


Most consider this a weed, but it is a powerful herb that is easy to find in most yards or other outdoor spaces. You can drink this as a tea, place the flowers on your sacred space, or make a flower crown and wear it as you meditate.

*If you forage for herbs remember to properly identify them, wash them, and make sure no chemicals have been sprayed on or nearby them.

Thyme – Health, healing, psychic powers, purification, love.


Thyme is my favorite herb. My family uses it extensively in our cultural food and I love the taste of it. This is another herb that can easily be used in kitchen magic and baths. Thyme can also be used in herb bundles to cleanse a space or increase your psychic abilities.

Consider the energy of the herbs before you use them. Talk to them and ask for their energy to be used in your spells. Feel your connection to them and the earth that has given you this gift.


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