Protecting Ourselves from Jealousy

Today’s tarot message is on jealousy and protecting ourselves from it.

Three of arrows ∗ Jealousy


Jealous is an emotion that is rooted in fear and anger. We feel fearful and angry about what others have because we think that we cannot achieve their level of success or happiness. It’s a feeling of preemptive loss when we haven’t looked within ourselves and done the work to achieve what we desire.

Jealousy can also be entitlement. You may feel entitled to have what you are jealous of but the important thing to do in either instance is to look within. This is a time to examine where your jealousy comes from and why you are feeling this way. Jealousy is a negative emotion and does not serve your highest good. It weighs you down and is all-consuming leaving no traces of your former self. Release yourself from the bondage of jealousy and allow your heart to be filled with joy and love.

Four of Stones ∗ Protection


Protection goes perfectly with our jealousy card because we need to protect our hearts and minds from jealousy, but we also need time to protect them from the effects of jealousy. This is a time for mental and spiritual healing. It is important to find a place where you can lay bare your vulnerabilities and recuperate. Build a foundation where you can lay your beliefs, values, and spirituality and rebuild yourself into the person that is for your highest good. This is a time of peace and self-reflection so be kind to yourself and others as you remove the negative space from your life.


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