How to Create Your Grimoire

Find a book

Find a book that is visually appealing to you. This is where you will keep your spells and other things pertaining to magic so it is important to like what your grimoire looks like. If you’re unable to find a book that fits your ideal then decorate your book to fit your style so that you feel a connection to it.

Organize your grimoire

Decide on the layout of your grimoire so that you will always know where everything is. You can even create a table of contents to be the guide so it is easy to look up a spell or holy day. Having a structure for your grimoire will also help to keep you more organized.

Things to include in your grimoire

  • Holydays – What holy days are important to you? Write down what each of them are and what rituals and or spells you might want to use during these times.
  • Deities – The deities you interact with are important to your craft. To maintain your relationship and bond write down stories that you know about them that display their best attributes. Also include poetry that has been written about them and dedicate some of your own to them. You can also include artwork of them that you have drawn or that you have found.
  • Divination – Take notes of your tarot readings. You can also experiment with different spreads and write down your observations of how they work. If you follow astrology keep an astrological chart.
  • Spells – Write down the ingredients, process, and wording for each of your spells. You can always reuse them and go back over them if they haven’t worked out. Leave room for notes so you can see why your spell didn’t work and how you can improve it.
  • Sacred creed – If your religious path has a creed write it down. You can also make up your own and follow what you believe to be acceptable in your craft.

Remember, this is your magical journal and as you grow in your craft you may find that your views will change. Read over your journal and remind yourself that the path may change, but the journey remains the same.


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