Angelic Messages: Work & Celebrate

I have been trying to communicate more with my angels during my tarot readings and the messages they send are always what I need. Today, I asked them to reveal to me what I needed to know right now and their message was: work to celebrate because your hard work will pay off.

Knight of Pentacles


The knight of pentacles represents hard work and routine. He has plowed his field and sown his seeds and is waiting on the fruits of his labor. He shows us that while we may feel stuck in a routine it is necessary for us to lay the groundwork for what we want. These past few months I have been working on several projects that I have not seen the results that I would like to see. I love to do anything that requires my creativity but I’ve been feeling bored and uninspired. On this part of my journey, it has felt monotonous and boring but those moments are just as important as the creative moments. We need a routine and plan to realize our dreams so it is important to keep pushing forward.

Three of Cups


The three of cups shows us that joy truly comes in the morning. After the monotony and hard work, it is time to celebrate your success. Feel the love from your friends and those who support you and send your love towards them. This is also a creative time so you may be guided to collaborate with a group of friends. Use the energy to inspire each other and create a project that will bring joy to yourself and others.

Seeing the three of cups gave me the hope that I needed. Working hard and not seeing immediate results can feel very discouraging, but knowing that success is there once I press forward has renewed my drive. Our angels are always near waiting to give us encouragement once we open ourselves to receive their messages.


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