Mistakes to Avoid When Reading Tarot

Tarot cards a wonderful spiritual tool that has helped me through many situations and inspired me in others. They are a great way to gain insight and clarity on myself and outside forces when I need a little nudge in the right direction. While they are a powerful tool there are some mistakes that should be avoided if you want to have more accurate readings.

Emotional readings


If your emotions are running high it is best to step back and wait until you have calmed down. When you are in a heightened emotional state your energies are not balanced and this will impact your reading. You also won’t be able to look at the message objectively and will not gain any insight or an accurate reading. Let your emotions run their course then come to your deck.

Choosing more cards for “clarification”


While pulling another card to clarify the meaning of another that you’re uncertain of is helpful, you don’t want to keep pulling cards. Choosing multiple cards will only muddle your reading and make it more difficult to understand your question and will leave you feeling frustrated. Your readings will be a lot more accurate and successful if you keep your spread smaller.

Reading until you see what you want


We all have our biases in regards to what we are going through, but it is important to keep yourself open to truth when you are reading for yourself. You are coming to the tarot for clarification, not to see what is convenient for you. If you truly want help then you have to be open to whatever the message is and see it through the eyes of an unbiased observer.

Yes or no questions


Tarot cards are not a magic 8 ball and if you’re only seeking a yes or no then chances are you already know the answer. But, if you want real insight and growth then your questions should have depth. Think about your situation and what it is you are trying to learn about it then formulate your question. This will also help you work your way through your situation and you may find that you don’t need to commune with your cards.

Complicated spreads


There are many different spreads that do have their uses but more often than not a simpler spread is more useful than an elaborate one. Save the bigger spreads for more serious queries and keep your spread on the smaller side. Don’t underestimate a one-card or three-card spread. These spreads have their own power and can help you focus more on the situation at hand.

Reading on the same subject multiple times


It is tempting to do this, especially when we feel that something is not going well in our lives but it only leads to an inaccurate reading. Your situation obviously hasn’t changed but you are trying to force your cards to tell you what you want to see. It is best to step back and access your situation without your cards and come back when it has been resolved.

Using tarot cards can be very empowering, but remember that your future is not set in stone. Your readings do not tell you how your story will end but they can be your guide.


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