Six of Pentacles: The Giver & Receiver

We’ve all heard the phrase, “it is better to give than receive” but what merit does that have? It tells us to deny ourselves the gifts that others have to share with us and sets us up to give from an empty cup. Giving and receiving are equally important and should be done with a full heart.

The balances that are held in this card are weighed equally and show that both the giver and receiver are on equal ground. The giver is able to share their gifts of abundance and can bless and be blessed by giving from what they have. The receiver is appreciative of what is given and is also blessed with abundance and both are able to share in the blessing.

Be a good giver. For some, this is not hard because we have been taught to give and not expect anything in return, but giving is more than finding an expensive gift or throwing around money. Think about what the receiver needs and how they will feel when they receive what you have to give. Give from your heart and your intention and love will be felt.

Just as giving is important so is receiving. This is a lot harder for many of us because we have been taught to deny small acts of kindness and what we perceive as too generous of a gift. We show false humility so we aren’t seen as greedy when what we’re really doing is denying the giver their blessing. Allow yourself to feel their intentions and open your heart to their gifts by showing your gratitude.

Giving and receiving is a constant flow of balance and harmony between both the giver and receiver. The more you give, the more you receive. The more you receive, the more you will want to give. Be blessed.

_It is in giving you receive and in receiving you give_ - Lee Horbachewski


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