Turning Everyday Things into Magic

Magic is everywhere and we can add a little bit more of it into our lives if we incorporate everyday things into our magical practice. Here are a few ways we can turn everyday moments into magical ones.


Turn your shower into a cleansing spell. If I’m feeling sluggish in the morning, which I usually am, I imagine that each drop of water that hits my skin is a drop of energy sent to revitalize me. If you take your shower in the evening then you can use it as a cleansing spell to wash away the negativity that has attached itself to you from your day.

Morning coffee or tea

Whatever you drink in the morning view this as your cup of energy. Say a few words over your cup and feel the warmth or coolness spread throughout your body. Imagine the liquid spreading throughout your body and pouring its energy into each of your cells. This will give you power that you can draw on throughout your day.

Walk in the park

Turn your walk in the park into a magical meeting. Commune with the spirits that reside there and thank them for allowing you in their space. Talk to the flowers and other creatures that make the park their home and respect their space. Communing with the natural world is a great way to reconnect with and ground yourself.


You don’t have to be a kitchen witch to add a little magic to your food and you don’t have to make anything elaborate. This is where you can make a meal to bring about a certain feeling or to push you towards a goal. Choose ingredients that will complement each other and think about their magical properties while you make your meal and then again while you eat.

Listening to music

I like to use music as therapy and to soothe my mind when things feel out of control, but I have also used music in some of my spellwork. You can draw on the energy of the music to fuel your passion in a sex spell or to calm your nerves in an anxiety spell.

Preparing for bed

I have a routine I have been doing for years to prepare for bed. I made it into a ritual so that I am calm before I go to sleep and I can focus on having pleasant dreams or be open to receiving messages from my guides and ancestors. Use this time to relax your energy and focus on having a restful nights sleep.

Magic does not have to be complicated and using it even in small ways is a simple and effective way to connect to your craft. As you add small bits of magic throughout your day you will start to see the magic that has always surrounded you.


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