Spiritual Guidance

We can all use a little direction in our spiritual lives at times and the Heirophant stands to show us to look out for one. If you are questioning your religion our what your religious beliefs are then it is important to seek a teacher who can help answer your questions. That does not mean that you should rely wholly on their wisdom, but you should use it as a guide to help bring you to your own conclusions.

Years ago, I was questioning my religion and religious beliefs. I realized that the religion I had been raised in was one that I had never felt a connection to and I knew I needed to head in a different direction but was unsure of where to start. Thankfully, the internet is full of free information and I was able to read and listen to many teachers from various religions. Reading and listening to what they had to say brought me clarity and I was able to find my path. From there, I was able to determine what was important to me, and what I found was spiritually meaningful.

There will also be times where you are the spiritual teacher. During those times draw on your experience and knowledge that you have gained to help direct someone else. Don’t keep your spiritual knowledge to yourself but use it to uplift and help others. Make sure that you acknowledge the sacredness of this role and leave your ego behind. Spiritual teachers don’t have all the answers and it is ok to admit that you don’t know something. We’re each on our own path and the answers we come to will differ but they all will lead us to the same destination.


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