Cleansing Your Altar Tools

Cleansing your magical tools is necessary before doing any spellwork. The success of your spell or ritual will depend on if your tools are cleansed well.

Example: Imagine that you have a piece of paper that you have written on. You want to reuse it so you erase everything, but you can still see the outlines of what was written on it before. You write on it anyways, but the person reading it is unsure of what you’re trying to say. Your message is lost. The same goes for not properly cleansing your altar tools. you won’t get the desired results from your spell or ritual because the vibration is off and your message is unclear.

Cleansing your tools is also important for aligning your vibration with your tools and your intention. Before you begin, choose which method of cleansing works for you. In my opinion, one is not better than the other but more of a personal preference.

Smoke cleansing


You can use incense, bundles, candles, fire(controlled but be very careful) or any other method that produces smoke. You can pass the smoke over your tools or place it near your tools and allow the smoke to work its way around them. While the smoke is working focus on what it is doing and work with it to remove any negative or residual energy.  Make sure your space is well ventilated with the windows open to allow the smoke and energy to leave.

Salt water

Water ripples in a wooden bowl

You can soak your tools in salt water if they aren’t porous or prone to rust. Place them in a bowl of salt water and leave them overnight or for several hours depending on the energy that is surrounding your tools. If you don’t need to soak you tools you can also do a salt water bath. Dispose of the water down your sink and not outside as salt can be very harmful to plants and animals.



Yes, you can use sound to cleanse you tools. You can use singing bowls, bells, instruments, song, meditative music or a rhythm that you’ve created using your body. Imagine the sound waves moving through the air, lifting the energy surrounding your tools and let the sound carry them away.



Place several crystals around your tools and allow them to clear the energy around your tools. You can leave them overnight or you can pass the crystals over your tools. Whichever method you use keep in mind that crystals need to be cleansed as well so make sure they have been cleansed before using them to cleanse anything else.

There is no perfect or right way to cleanse your altar tools. You can use or do anything that fits your needs and resonates with you. Your power comes from within and you direct the flow of your magic.


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