The Spark of Life: Skills & Creativity

How are you connected? The Spark of Life reminds us to reconnect to ourselves and the things that help nurture our creative process. Are you utilizing your skills, or have you left them to waste away? There is merit in your creativity, even if it does not bring about financial gain or notoriety. Our creativity is part of our spiritual mind and feeds our soul, so do not let it waste away.

The spark also tells us to pay attention to our skills. You may have skills that you don’t find valuable or that are underdeveloped. Practice using them as they will help you on your path. There are no useless skills, even if you do not gain anything from them. It may be that your skills will help someone else who is unable to perform them.

Harness the energy of your skills and creativity. Think about your relationship to them and the environment you live in. How can you bring them into harmony? Part of the mastery of your skills is to find the balance between the world we live in and the natural environment. Hone your skills and appreciate them because they are part of your sacred journey that will help to bring you into balance.


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