9 of Swords: Quiet Strength

Today’s tarot message is from the 9 of Swords. This year has been challenging for everyone, and it has taken a toll on our mental health. For those of us who already struggle with mental health issues it has been even more trying. This year has brought uncertainty, anxiety, and fear, but we are more than our fears and circumstances. These negatives emotions are hard to handle at times, so it is important to look outside of ourselves for help. Whether it is through therapy, journaling, taking care of a pet, or anything else, it is necessary to get the help you need.
The wolf that is in our card represents the strength that we have within. It is quiet, but it is there. A wolf does not live alone but survives with the efforts of its pack. Who is your pack? Find a support group of friends or family and help each other. Think of how you can help each other to not only survive but thrive in this new world. We don’t know how long things will remain the way they are or what they will evolve into, so we will have to find new ways to cope.
You are more than your circumstances and you have the strength within yourself to continue. Don’t give up on yourself.


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