Destruction & Hope

For today’s tarot message, I decided to choose The Tower and Eight of wands. For me, they represent what we are experiencing now in America and the hope we have in the new administration.

The Tower is typically seen as a negative card, but for new systems to be set in place, we have to take down what is not working for us. The past year has exposed how fragile the systems we have are and how they only benefit a select few. Because they were based on a shaky foundation they would never be able to survive for long. Now, when everything has suddenly changed, it is time to start rebuilding. While rebuilding is necessary it won’t be easy and we won’t see changes immediately. During this time we have to think of the long-term and how we can contribute to building a solid foundation.

The Eight of Wands is where I see us headed. We’re coming out of hardship and we are about to experience drastic change. There will be times where we will feel as though we can’t keep up with how things are changing, but it is important for us to remain in flow. Change is good and part of growth and is necessary in rebuilding our foundation. Allow yourself to flow with the new energy that is building around us and be part of the new change.

It may seem hopeless for many right now because they have suffered so much over the past year, but don’t give up. Change is here and the new systems that we will rebuild together will be to the benefit of all )0(


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