Reading Tarot for Yourself

Reading tarot for yourself can feel overwhelming and intimidating. Learning the major and minor arcana and memorizing the various meanings can sometimes feel like a neverending process, but reading a tarot spread does not have to be complicated. And, reading for yourself does not have to be a stringent process.

Before I shuffle my cards I try to think about my question for a few minutes. This gives me time to think about my problem and narrow down what I want to ask which will give me a clearer answer. I don’t put a time limit on this because the tarot is not something to take superficially. Make sure you have the time to spend on your question so you are getting the most from your reading.

While each card does have its specific meaning, tarot can be very fluid, and the description of the cards does not always have to stay the same. I like to read the story of the cards that I pull. What does this card say to me? What path is it showing me? What was the journey to get to where it is now? Think about what the card is trying to reveal to you beyond its standard meaning.

After you have chosen your cards don’t breeze over your spread. I have found this time to be the most important part of my reading because it gives me time to view my question and answer as a whole. Seeing the progression from problem to solution allows me to think more objectively and lean into my intuition.

After your reading end your session with gratitude. Thank your cards and any guiding spirits that brought you to your answer. Your tarot deck is a divination tool, but showing your gratitude is part of the respect you show for the guidance that you receive. May the Goddess lend her guiding light on your path )0(


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