The Solitary Witch: How to Practice Alone

If you have found witchcraft chances are that you are a solo practitioner. Many of us that practice the craft have to practice alone because there may not be other craft users nearby or we’re still in the broom closet. While all spiritual practices have an aspect of solo work, many do have a community that they can practice with and seek guidance from. Not having that community can feel very lonely and it can be confusing at times. But, practicing alone does not mean being alone and it does not mean that your craft is any less meaningful.

What does witchcraft mean to you?

It is important to recognize what your view of magic and working with magic is. Not only does it give you direction on your spirituality, but it also guides you to what is important in your craft. There may be practices, tools, ways of speaking, etc. that are not useful because they don’t hold any meaning to you. Know what is important to you and hold onto your truth.

Learn how to write

So much of your craft will involve writing. You want to keep a spellbook, but also document your journey and what you learn. If you know how to write your spells will be clearer and more effective, and when you look back you will have a better understanding of where you went wrong and how you can improve.

Create holy days

Practicing alone does not mean that there are no special days. I have found that the special days I create give me something to look forward to and have more meaning to me. I don’t waste time preparing for a day that feels generic and I can have a deeper connection to what I am doing. Make these days festive and decorate and make special food for them like you would other special days.

Make traditions

Let your creativity drive you and make up your traditions. This is where you can create traditions that are important to you and not done for the sake of tradition. Don’t worry about how it might look or if it seems silly, this is your path and you can do whatever feels right to you.

Find a community

While you may be practicing alone you are not alone. There are many online communities that you can join to help encourage you, give advice, and simply be open about magic and your craft. If you can find a local group, meetup occasionally and spend time with like-minded people.

Know that all paths are solo, so it’s ok to work alone

Each spiritual journey is solo. No one can walk your path with you or for you. Enter into your craft with the understanding that your journey is yours and what you learn on your way is your understanding of magic and the divine. There is no right or wrong way when you open yourself to learning the truth.

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