Rainbow Seoul

FE21E3E9-6F47-45F2-9DDF-EE1CB9C59CEC.pngJune is Pride month and my partner and I were lucky to start the first of June off with Seoul Pride. I’ve been attending Seoul Pride for several years now and each year brings more people to celebrate together.

While there are protesters on the outside of Seoul Plaza,  their numbers are dwindling. The first time I saw them I was a little afraid because many of them were aggressive. They’ve spat on Pride goers, shouted manically into their megaphones, and they’ve thrown themselves onto the road to prevent the parade from going on.

My first year, I saw a group of protesters beating away furiously at drums. They tried very hard to drown out our music. Seeing that made me wonder: how much hate or self-hate do you have to have to go out of your way to protest Pride? Rather than feeling scared now I feel sorry for them. I can’t imagine how many of them are closeted or what kind of abuse they’ve experienced. Seeing them on the parade route they looked rather pathetic. They shouted at us and held up their archaic signs telling us we were going to hell and that we were sinners. They threw a lot of hate at us and they tried to drown out our festivities, but hate can never conquer love. None of the 70,000+ Pride attendees retaliated in any way. We only shouted with joy and waved our flags proudly.

Seoul Pride 2019❤️🧡💛💚💙💜Being in the parade and seeing so many people attend made me feel very emotional and brought back memories of my first Pride. I knew I was bisexual years before I came out to anyone, but it was when I went to Pride that I felt I belonged. I knew that this community was a place that I had always belonged, even when I didn’t know it.

Our rainbow family is beautiful. We have so many expressions of sexuality and gender that all tell different stories of the human experience. We are all beautiful and we don’t need to be anything but ourselves. During Pride month and always, remember that love is love for each other and yourself.

Happy Pride 🖤❤️🧡💛💚💙💜



Bad Witch

I don’t follow the wheel of the year. I’m not always aware of the current moon phase. I don’t regularly write in my grimoire. My spells are usually minimal and simple. I am a bad witch. Well, that’s what I used to think.


Are any of these things even necessary in the craft? When I first started in the craft I thought they mattered a lot. I was always aware of the moon phases, my spells were as elaborate as I knew how to set out, and I would almost force myself at times to write in my grimoire. Trying to keep up with what I thought of as the craft was starting to exhaust me. I didn’t find joy in my craft and it was becoming something that I didn’t feel a connection to and more of a chore. So I stopped practicing for some time. I needed a break to rest my mind and figure out what the craft meant to me or if it was something that I still wanted to continue in.


I read books on witchcraft because I wanted to see how other witches thought of their craft. I needed to see what inspired them and how they started on their witchpath. I listened to gurus on their understanding of the mysteries of the universe. Doing this helped me to see what it was I believed in and what I thought of as witchcraft. The more I read and watched, the more I felt the magic stirring in my soul. It was then that I understood I wasn’t being true to myself and following my witchpath.


I decided to start over and see what it was I thought of as my witchpath. I realized that the wheel of the year never resonated with me. There are a few of the sabbats that I follow because I feel a connection to them, but I leave alone what does not speak to me. I don’t try to perform elaborate spells anymore because it’s not something I ever cared to do and it doesn’t fit my personality. I keep it simple. I don’t rely on expensive tools because I know my power comes from the divine and resides within. If it’s a full moon and I forgot or I don’t feel the need for a spell I gaze at the moon and thank the goddess for her beauty.  I no longer view myself as a bad witch. I now know my place as a witch and I’m comfortable within my craft.


Everyone’s craft is unique to themselves, but this is what I have come to know as my truth of the craft:

Spring into Osaka

024372E0-4C89-4456-9F7F-78748824EE29Cherry blossom season is my favorite time of year. This year, my partner and I decided to go to Japan to view the cherry blossoms in Osaka. Unfortunately, it rained most of the weekend and the blossoms weren’t fully bloomed, but we still were able to enjoy ourselves.
A7DA0105-E1EB-46A2-99D0-248B6268E046We stayed in a hostel near Higobashi station, which turned out to be a great location. It was very close to everything that we wanted to see, so we didn’t have to venture too far away which was great considering we weren’t staying very long. After resting for a bit we decided to go get some dinner. Luckily, the ramen restaurant we wanted to go to was only two stations away.

I was worried that we would have to wait a long time because this restaurant is very popular, but we didn’t wait more than 15 minutes. It was rainy so that might’ve had something to do with it. What was interesting about this restaurant was that there wasn’t a person to take your order. We had to use a kiosk to order and pay.


How to get to Zundouya from Shinsaibashi Station exit 6

Because this place is famous my expectations were very high, but once I tasted my ramen I saw why they were famous. The broth was the thickest and densest broth I’ve ever tasted. It had a deep, rich flavor and the pork slices melted in my mouth. The noodles were firm and they did not get soggy at all. Even though it wasn’t a large portion we did leave feeling very full. I thought we would be able to walk around and then get another snack just to taste some street food, but hours later we were still full.


The next day, on our way to the train station we saw an udon restaurant. It didn’t look special but the food looked good so we decided to give it a try. They had tempura and a special spring udon set that we decided to try. We were both pleasantly surprised at how amazing this inexpensive bowl of udon was. It was a common restaurant but they definitely put care into their food and they used quality ingredients. We liked it so much that we actually wanted to go back again, but we didn’t have time because we wanted to try as many different things as we could.


After breakfast we headed to Osaka Castle. This is a must see spot in Osaka and you cannot leave without seeing it. The castle is very beautiful and you can see it from Osaka Business Park Station. It’s also a beautiful spot to see the Cherry blossoms and although they weren’t fully bloomed they were still very beautiful, as was the entire park. The castle has eight floors and because the grounds are extensive I wouldn’t stay here less than three hours. You want to take in as much of the history in the museum as possible and enjoy the beautiful park.


When we left the castle we saw some food stalls outside of the castle walls. Each one was different but we decided to get some takoyaki and beef skewers. Even though the food wasn’t spectacular, although it was delicious, the kindness and good attitude of the street vendors made the atmosphere and food better.

For dinner we decided we would eat okonomiyaki. Osaka is known for their okonomiyaki, but my partner wanted to go to a restaurant that was known for their okonomiyaki. So we went to Ajinoya but when we saw the line we almost left. We did go at a peak time so we did have to wait for one hour, but the wait was worth it. It was the best okonomiyaki I’ve ever had and the service was great. If you aren’t in a large group you can sit at the bar in front of the grill so you get to see the cooks make the okonomiyaki. They’re very friendly and one of the cooks even posed for someone’s picture.


The next day, we decided to go to the coffee shop across the street from our hostel. The aunty from the shop had actually helped us find our hostel on our first night so we wanted to check out her shop. It was very cute inside but I wasn’t sure about how the coffee would taste. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The coffee was actually pretty great and it was all hand drip coffee. She gave us cream but because the coffee tasted so good we didn’t use it. We also ordered some sandwiches and again I wasn’t expecting much but they were good and kind of refreshing. The aunty seemed to enjoy working there and she put a lot of care into making the coffee and the little sandwiches. I hope I can go back there one day.


After breakfast we headed to a small temple near Namba station. This temple was very interesting because the Buddha statue was actually covered in moss and the temple was tucked away in a small alley. Walking by you wouldn’t even notice it was there unless you were looking for it. It was kind of surprising to see such a small temple that was peaceful and quiet in the middle of a bustling shopping area. After praying to Buddha and asking for his blessing we decided to write a wish on an Ema before we left.


After leaving the temple we decided to do some shopping before eating lunch. There are a lot of great shops around that area so we were able to buy some gifts for my partner’s coworkers and for ourselves. We finished up and went back to the temple because there is a great sushi restaurant right next to it. When we went inside the restaurant the atmosphere felt calm and cozy. They had sushi at every price range and they had a wide variety of different fish. Even the mid-range priced tuna tasted amazing and it melted in your mouth. The tempura wasn’t greasy and the batter was thin and crispy. Overall, I was very impressed with this restaurant.


90B579FD-261E-46E0-85B3-A1C2EF7945C6We had an amazing trip, despite the weather. Osaka is a beautiful city with so much more to offer than you can see in a few days. We will definitely come back soon to discover more about this city.

My Depression Lifesaver

It’s difficult to describe depression to anyone who has never experienced it. Depression comes in different forms for everyone and just like the human experience we feel it differently. For me, the sadness can become so intense it feels as though I’m drowning in an ocean of despair. I can feel the waves crashing down over me and pushing me deeper and deeper into a void. Thankfully, I have an understanding partner who does everything in her power to help me in any way she can. It is because of her that we got a cat who turned into my lifesaver.

About six months ago my partner asked me if I wanted a cat. I love animals and I have cats back home, but my partner has never had a pet so I wasn’t sure if it would be good for her. She insisted that it would be all right and that she wanted to have a pet with me. Since this was going to be her first pet I wanted her to choose our cat. I knew that I would love whatever cat she chose, but I wanted her to experience choosing her first pet.

She found an app that let you search for pets to adopt. We would look together and she would check at work, but she didn’t see any cats that called to her. I had told her that she should only choose the cat that called out to her. After several weeks she sent me a picture of a kitten and said that she found our cat. We decided to name her Bean.

We didn’t waste any time and I went to the veterinary clinic the next day. When I saw our kitten I was surprised to see that she was so small. Someone had found her around some apartments and while people had been feeding her she would only get the occasional leftovers, so she was very small and underfed. Surprisingly, she was relatively healthy for a street cat. After her check-up at the vet I brought her home.

The moment she stepped out of her carrier she was very curious and she checked every corner of our apartment. I didn’t know if she would be ok with me holding her but she willingly sat in my lap and seemed to enjoy it. I cleaned her as much as I could, which she actually let me, and she fell asleep on my lap.

That night, as my partner and I were getting ready for bed I wanted Bean to see us so she wouldn’t feel alone. She soon fell asleep looking at me. The exhaustion had set in and she slept peacefully through the night.

The following night, Bean saw us getting into bed and she kept looking at us. My partner said that she probably wanted to sleep with us, but because she was so small I was worried about rolling over her during the night. However, Bean was not thinking that and she jumped onto the bed, after struggling for a bit. I took her off and placed her where she slept on the first night, but she wasn’t having it. She was determined to sleep with us, so after 30 minutes I had to give in. She hasn’t left our bed since.

Bean has added so much joy to my life. She follows me everywhere like a second shadow. Whenever I come home she runs to the door to greet me and welcome me home. I’m surprised at how much she likes being around people. She’s very sweet and even the staff at our vet loves her. Everyone that comes into contact with her is affected by how adorable and loveable she is.

Having this little being depend on me helps to bring my focus away from myself when I’m feeling depressed. While I still experience depression I don’t have time to think about it as much because Bean keeps me occupied and distracted. Our apartment isn’t very big so that means she gets into places that she shouldn’t sometimes. I chase her around trying to get a necklace or a sock back and sometimes my underwear. Bean loves to play, so this is all a game to her and even when I get mad I can’t stay mad at her long when she stares back at me with her innocent eyes. She knows that we love her and I know she loves us. And even though she depends on me for her physical needs I depend on her so much more. She gives me more emotionally than I can ever return to her. For that, I am truly grateful. Thank you, Bean. Everyday you save me from the darkness.




Magic in the Cupboard – Common Herbs for Spells

Magic can be found all around us, even in our kitchen. We don’t have to use expensive ingredients to perform magic spells and sometimes the most powerful ingredients you have are right at home.

Some of the herbs you have you might use in a ritual, spell or kitchen magic, but their uses are only limited to your imagination. Here are some common herbs that most people have in their kitchen.


961C9677-58B7-444C-A687-00E671596FAASalt is in every kitchen in the world and can be relatively cheap. While it is used to bring out the other flavors in a dish it can also be used for healing, protection and purification. Outside of food you can draw a simple salt bath to help cleanse your aura. You can also draw a small circle on the ground and use that space to drive away any negativity that you may be feeling.

Chili Peppers(Dried)

B01E0F6B-19BD-4943-8DB1-679AFCD61AABSpice isn’t for everyone, but if you are a lover of spice then chili peppers are the perfect addition to a love or lust spell. Use the chili’s to add passion to your love life. Chili’s can also be used for breaking hexes by sprinkling the powder around your home.


78B3FFD2-4413-4E05-983B-94E3CD2B6590Thyme can be used for healing, health, love, purification and sleep. It is my favorite herb to use when I cook because it adds a unique flavor to each dish and it reminds me of home. Thyme can also be used with rosemary to create a purifying bath. Place thyme and rosemary leaves in a teabag and steep for 15 minutes in your bath water.


0DBFBC77-A3C8-4890-A49E-B2CDABB8C54D.jpegCinnamon is more versatile than some other spices. It can be used for protection, healing, spirituality, lust, love and success. Because it is used in many holiday dishes my personal preference is to use it more for love spells involving family. You can use it to create a stronger familial bond. Add a few pinches to your dish and state your intention over what you’ve made before serving your family.


714261A4-7468-42A5-809E-9F53BC0D41B3.jpegWhile honey is not a herb, it is commonly found in many households and is often used in spells. It can be used in honey jar spells, bindings spells or when you want something to stay together. It can also be used medicinally when you have a cough or sore throat. This is what I use when I feel a sore throat coming on:

  • 1 lemon squeezed
  • 1-2 tablespoons of raw honey

Sweet mixed with sour, I ask for you healing power


5547000A-1355-4E2C-A8C1-AEB08ACE5585I added this one to the list because it was a common ingredient in my home growing up. Nutmeg can be used for health, luck and money. It works well with star anise in money and luck spells and can be worn together or carried in a sachet.


D002649C-BF55-4F57-989C-91DD3F825D28.jpegParsley is usually used as a garnish and is somewhat overlooked, but it can be used for protection and purification. It can be added to your bath water to calm yourself or used in a purification ritual.

Take a look inside your cupboard and see what magic awaits you inside.





Shadows in the Room

When I was young, around five years old, we moved into a new house in a new housing development. It was a two-story home located at the back of the neighborhood. We were all excited about living in our new house and didn’t suspect that anything unusual would occur.

We slept well the first night because we were exhausted from the move, but a few weeks after settling in we started to notice strange occurrences. Whenever we ate dinner we would hear noises coming from the second floor and it sounded as though someone was walking up and down the stairs. At first, we were scared that someone had broken into our home. My mom decided to check while my sisters and I stayed near the door ready to bolt at a moments notice. She came back to us with a puzzled look on her face. She didn’t see anyone and there was no sign that anyone had broken into our home. The noises continued, but we started to get used to it. My mother explained it away as the house settling and just making noises, so we ignored it, at least we tried to.

42DBD656-8E71-4973-9635-2A8467A29BF7.jpegThe noises were benign compared to what my mother and sister experienced. One night, my sister awoke to feel something tugging on her ankle. She didn’t think anything of it at first and she assumed that it was me playing a prank on her. However, she had locked her door before she went to bed, so it couldn’t have been me. The force became stronger and she felt herself being pulled off of her bed. As she held onto the bed she saw a tall, dark figure in the corner of her room. Demon? She didn’t know but she knew she couldn’t let herself be pulled under the bed. She tried to scream but nothing came out of her mouth. The force was becoming stronger, but she held onto the bed with all of her strength. Her body was nearly halfway off of the bed and that was when she was finally able to whisper the word, Jesus. She kept repeating it and she felt the grip around her foot loosen and the dark presence that was in the room began to dissipate. When she was able to catch her breath she ran into our mother’s room and slept there for several nights. When she was finally able to sleep in her room again she slept with a nightlight and continued to do so for years after her experience.

My mother’s encounter with a shadow figure happened not long after my sister’s experience. She awoke in the middle of the night and her room was darker than usual. As she looked up towards the ceiling she saw a black mass hanging over her body. Its face looked demonic and full of malice and evil. She tried to move but she felt pressure on her body. She tried to scream, but she had no voice. The shadow figure kept looking at her and started laughing. She said it sounded haughty and mocking, as though it were laughing at how much weaker she was than it. When she was able to regain her voice she kept calling on god and Jesus and the figure faded away. She didn’t sleep for the rest of the night.

53820D43-E748-42E1-A517-CCB0C1B5EDECWhile I never saw anything in that house, I never felt comfortable there and I always felt as though there was something evil and dark residing there with us. I avoided my moms walk-in closet in particular because I thought something dark and hooded lived in there. I never saw it physically, but I saw it in my minds eye, so I never stayed in her bedroom alone. Years later, after we had moved away from that home, my mother finally told us about a hooded figure she saw in her bedroom one day. She was resting and reading in bed when she looked up and saw a dark, hooded figure running across her room and through the wall. I was speechless and couldn’t believe that one of my childhood fears was a reality.

There are many unexplained things in our world and the paranormal is the most inexplicable. We can’t say definitively what it is, but we also can’t discount what anyone experiences. These experiences can be terrifying and they definitely leave a lasting impression on our minds.

*This is a true story and has been written down to the best of my recollection and based on what I have discussed with my family about their experiences.*


Celebrating Goddesses of Love

2ED5633A-7FB2-4965-8308-6487D373FBA7February is a month that is associated with love. No matter where you live you might see schools and businesses decorated with hearts and various other symbols depicting love. To start this month off let us explore several goddesses around the world associated with love.


One of the most venerated orishas from the Yoruba and Ifá religions is Oshun. She is the goddess of pleasure, sexuality, fertility, beauty and love and is associated with the colors gold, yellow, white and green. Also, she is seen as the mother of humanity. When Olodumare(the supreme god) sent the Orishas to populate the Earth they all failed. Oshun was the only female orisha and the only one who was able to fulfill the task. The male deities asked for her help, so she used her powerful waters to give life to all species on Earth.

Oshun is also a river and fresh water goddess and many of her devotees will leave offerings to her in areas of fresh water. Offerings to her can be fresh fruit, honey, wine, song, dance and incense.


Aphrodite is probably the first goddess that comes to mind for many people when we talk about goddesses of love. She is the Greek goddess of beauty, pleasure, procreation and sexuality. Her primary symbols are myrtles, roses, doves, sparrows, swans, conch shells, pearls, apples and pomegranates.

There are many stories about her origins, but one version says she was born from the foam in the sea after Cronus severed the genitals of his father Uranus and threw it into the sea. From there she walked onto the island of Cythera and flowers bloomed beneath her feet. As she walked Eros and Himeros accompanied her to the assembly of the gods.

Offerings to Aphrodite can include perfumes, roses, apples, honey and wine. You can also read a poem written about her to honor her.


Hathor is one of the major Egyptian deities. She had many roles in Egyptian society but she also presided over love, sexuality, beauty and maternal care. Her symbols are the cow, sun disk, cobra, a Menat necklace( also another name that she was known as) and the sistrum.

She was also the preferred deity for artisans and she loved the arts so you can offer her poetry, song or dance. Other offerings can be cows milk, perfumes, alcohol, mirrors and sweet foods.


In Norse mythology, Freyja is associated with sex, love, beauty and fertility. She drives a carriage drawn by cats riding across the sky and she wears a cloak made of falcon feathers. She was considered very beautiful and often would use her beauty to get what she wanted.

Freyja loved songs, poetry, jewels and anything that is high quality. You can incorporate these into offerings to her and also give her honey, mead, beer, flowers and berries.


Inanna is a Mesopotamian goddess associated with love, sex, beauty, desire and fertility. Her symbols are the lion, rosette, dove, eight-pointed star and a hook-shaped knot of reeds. She was associated with the morning and evening star and was also called the Queen of Heaven.

Inanna is a dual nature goddess and is sometimes depicted as a young girl under patriarchal control or as a sensual and powerful woman. Many images of her depicted her naked or standing as a gatepost with a bundle of reeds or vegetation in her arms.

You can offer her wine, wheat, apples, dates, figs, roses, honey, myrrh and cedar wood.



Xōchiquetzal’s name means precious feather flower. She is depicted as richly attired and surrounded by flowers and other vegetation. She is the Aztec goddess of beauty, sex, love and fertility.

Xōchiquetzal is always surrounded by vegetation, butterflies, feathers and vivid colors so these things should be incorporated into offerings made to her. You can also offer her chocolate, gold and traditional Mexican art.

EC01DC53-D8C8-4642-BC9E-5AF50C94D52C.jpegChuang Mu

In China, Chuang Mu is the goddess of love, sex and the bedchamber. She is often depicted wearing red flowing robes and is often accompanied by her husband. Chuang Mu also teaches couples sexual techniques and how to let go of anything restraining them from enjoying sex. You can offer her tea, wine, rice, flowers and fruit.

Before working with any of these goddesses consider your needs, the characteristics of the goddess and the connection you feel with them. If you are working a lust spell, then you may want to work with Aphrodite or Freyja. Or, if you are working on a spell to improve your sexlife between you and your partner then you might want to work with Chuang Mu. Choose the goddess whose energies best align with your desired outcome.

BEEBAB8D-043A-4D69-89E3-EBBD7C52F1E2However you choose to celebrate February, Valentines Day or any other day, take time to recognize the goddess within and honor and love yourself.


Super Blood Wolf Moon

83921CCD-A365-4590-BA78-C13BCE6339BEThe full moon is a time when I perform more powerful spells. The energy of the moon is at its peak and I feel more connected to the moon’s strength. This full moon will be unusually close to earth so it will appear larger and it will be the last total lunar eclipse until 2021. If you live in North America and South America you will have the best views of the eclipse. Sadly, I won’t be able to see the blood moon because I am currently in Asia, but I can still feel the magical energies flowing all around.

If you are going to perform any spells or rituals think about what this moon means. What does it mean for you? For your ancestors? If your ancestors lived in a colder climate with limited resources during the winter, then perhaps they were anticipating spring. The winter months can feel long when resources are limited. Maybe they heard the howling of a hungry pack of wolves who were searching for food. All of nature is subdued by the cold. You may be feeling lethargic from the winters cold, but you can allow the moon’s energies to surround you and guide you.

If you are working with any deities then you may want to consider working with those who are associated with wolves, the moon or winter. Some goddesses to consider:

22194024-2669-471C-9AFF-EB59CB36FAEEHecate – Many witches work with Hecate because she is associated with witchcraft, but she is also associated with the night, moon, ghosts and necromancy. A pack of dogs always accompany her and she holds two torches in her hands. You can offer her bread, raw eggs, cheese, honey or cake and leave it at a crossroads. If that is not possible then an altar offering works as well.

55DDA931-92E8-401B-9E63-B8AE5F7A4E11.jpegSelene – A goddess that is known as being the moon itself she sometimes shows herself as a beautiful woman. She drives her moon chariot across the heavens, drawn by white, winged horses or bulls. And she carries a torch and wears a billowing cloak with a crescent moon on her head. You can include moonstones in your spell and offer her honey, milk, jasmine or anything white and round.


Cailleach – She is also known as Beira, Queen of Winter or old hag woman because she often appears as a one-eyed-hag. Cailleach is also the mother of the gods and goddesses in Scottish and Irish mythology. You can offer her pebbles, rocks, pine or something else associated with winter in your area.

Whichever god or goddess you choose for this full moon, seek their wisdom and strength. Let it guide you and imbue you with their strength or that which you seek. Blessed full moon 🌕


Herbal Magic: Using Herbs in Spells

My favorite items to use in my spellwork are herbs because of their practical and psychical aspects. I remember drinking herbal teas growing up and how my grandfather used to give us bush tea to drink whenever we had a cold. Bush tea is a traditional Caribbean tea that is a combination of various herbs. We drink this whenever we are sick or feel unwell. Sometimes I would go with my grandfather on his walks and I would watch how he would choose leaves from various bushes to make this tea. I always wondered how he knew which leaves to pick, but looking back on it now I see that he relied on knowledge passed down through the generations and his own intuition.

Practical applications 

Whenever I have a headache or I can’t sleep I like to drink peppermint tea. Not only is peppermint healing, but it also aids your psychic powers. Drink a cup of tea before bedtime and it will help soothe your mind and bring pleasant dreams.

Aloe is another favorite herb of mine and it was a plant that we always had growing in our home. My mother would use it on small burns from cooking oil and it is also great on sunburns. Rub the inside of the plant on the burn and you will feel cooling relief. This plant is also known for protection and luck, so keep it inside your home to increase your fortune and protect yourself from common accidents.


Another way I use herbs in my craft is as an offering to whichever diety I am working with. I try to find herbs that are associated with the diety or ones that I feel they would like. I always present it on a bowl reserved for my spells and rituals. I normally don’t consume these herbs as they are offerings, so I dispose of them after my spell is completed by putting them back into the earth.

The most delicious way to use herbs is through food. If you’re working a love spell you can easily add herbs such as cinnamon or dried rose petals to chocolate. If you’re making a meal to give yourself some courage then add thyme to your dish.

You can also add herbs to a bath to prepare yourself for a spell or as part of it. I prefer to use dried herbs for this and find that keeping the herbs in a tea bag makes it easier to clean up afterwards. You can also add essential oils to your bath to relax and help you focus your intentions.

However you decide to use herbs use your intuition as a guide. There is no right or wrong way in your craft. It is yours alone and in whatever way you practice stay true to your higher self. Blessed Be.


A New Year & New Beginnings

449B1023-26D5-49A4-AE97-EB2E02C71E1FIt’s the new year and the time when everyone is making resolutions in hopes of improving their lives. It’s a chance to start anew. On the first day of the year it feels as though the universe has given us a reset button and we are given the chance to start over and in many ways it is. We all enter into the year with a fresh outlook and renewed hope. Let us keep that feeling within us so that we may live out our full potential and purpose.

D0D727FF-6DB8-425A-930D-06D4381F5D72May each day be a new beginning

May our lights never dim

May we walk our path with integrity

May the blessings of the Goddess and Universe be upon us

Happy New Year and Happy New Beginnings