Before You Buy Your First Tarot Deck

  Buying your first tarot deck can be a daunting task. There are so many decks to choose from now that they can blur together when you've been looking for awhile. Here are a few tips to help you choose a tarot deck that is right for you. What do you want from your deck?... Continue Reading →

2020 New Year’s Blessings

May blessings follow you through the year Wherever you may go May laughter and joy always be near And happiness be all that you know May you leave the harmfulness of the year behind And begin the year anew On this journey be unconfined And ready to be you   Happy New Year! May you... Continue Reading →

Collecting Christmas Memories

  I've always loved Christmas. When I was a little girl I loved to decorate the Christmas tree and watch as underneath the tree would fill with presents. I couldn't wait for Chrismas morning so I could go running down the stairs and open up my presents. Afterwards, I would play with my toys for... Continue Reading →

Samhain Night

Samhain night is here The most blessed night of the year When the veil between the worlds is thin And we welcome our loved ones to come in Come forth Come forth Come forth from the dark Where your family sits around the hearth Awaiting you to come forth On this most hallowed eve we... Continue Reading →

Korean Ghost Stories

Welcome to Fair Friday! Since it's the wonderful month of October I wanted to start off with a few spooky stories. Here are 2 of my favorite Korean ghost stories. The Blackboard This is the story of a high school teacher who was known for being strict and somewhat cruel to his students. Whenever a... Continue Reading →

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