Goddess Connection – Finding Your Patron Goddess

Many magic practitioners will have a patron deity or Goddess that they work with or worship in their practice. While you don't have to have one it does offer support in your magic and for some, it makes their magic more meaningful. If you are looking to connect to a Goddess or find your patron... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Goddesses of Love

February is a month that is associated with love. No matter where you live you might see schools and businesses decorated with hearts and various other symbols depicting love. To start this month off let us explore several goddesses around the world associated with love. Oshun One of the most venerated orishas from the Yoruba... Continue Reading →

Super Blood Wolf Moon

The full moon is a time when I perform more powerful spells. The energy of the moon is at its peak and I feel more connected to the moon's strength. This full moon will be unusually close to earth so it will appear larger and it will be the last total lunar eclipse until 2021.... Continue Reading →

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