Budget Witch

Practicing your craft does not have to be expensive nor should it be. While there are many witchy tools that are beautiful to use they aren’t necessary for your craft. Sometimes we can use what’s already available in our home or we can find what we need for a bargain.



Every witch needs a cauldron, right? Maybe not every witch, but many witches do use a cauldron during spellwork, but if your budget is tight then spending $50 or more is not feasible. A budget-friendly alternative is a cast-iron skillet or cast iron dutch oven. You can find these for a few dollars at a local thrift store or flea market. Also, check your local grocery stores for sales and visit dollar stores. Some dollar stores carry small cast-iron skillets.

Forage for Herbs

Growing your herbs can be very rewarding, but not all of us have a green thumb or are able to grow a herbal garden. However, herbs can be found everywhere if you look around. Research herbs that are indigenous to your area and visit a local park to see what herbs you can find. Go for a short hike or walk along a trail and look around at what is growing.

Use What You Find in Nature

Go for a walk and look at what’s around you. Look on the ground and see what gifts nature has to offer you. It might be a bird feather or small animal bones(clean these well before placing them on your altar). Also, look around for small stones and pebbles. Ask the spirit of where you are to guide you to what you need and can use.

Use What’s in Your Cupboard 


Even if all you have is salt you can incorporate that into your spell or ritual. Salt is used for purifying so you can draw a simple salt circle or even make yourself a salt bath. If you don’t have a tub, make saltwater in a bowl and use it to wash your face, hands, or feet.

Use Candles

My favorite place to buy candles is at the dollar store. They have so many colors, sizes, and even scents to choose from. If you buy larger candles they will last for several months, depending on how often you use them. Tea candles are my favorite because you can usually buy a dozen of them for $1 USD. While they don’t last as long, you can still use them around larger candles or place them inside of a glass for ambiance.

Reuse Jars

If you buy a jar of any food that is made of glass you can reuse it. Wash it well and store your herbs, oils, etc inside. Mason jars are lovely, but reusing jars is eco-friendly and works as well. If your jar has paper and glue that is still stuck to it rub it off with some oil.

Use Pictures Instead of Statues

Statues are beautiful and can help you focus your energy, but a budget-friendly alternative is a picture. Print a picture of the god/goddess or diety and laminate it so it will last longer. You can buy self-laminating paper from the dollar store.

Use a Journal or Notebook as Your Grimoire

Visit a bookstore and look at the sale rack. One of the grimoires I have is a journal that I bought on sale. If those are too pricey or out of your budget, then go to the dollar store. I have seen journals with beautiful covers and plain ones that you can decorate. One of my grimoires is a spiraled notebook that was less than $3 USD.

Bargain Hunt


There are many witchy shops online with beautiful tools for your altar and spellwork, but they can pricey when you’re on a budget. Check their sale items and subscribe to their newsletter to see when the next sale is.

Buy from Dollar Stores

Dollar stores are underrated. I have found so many items that I use on my altar there. Check the dollar store for small vials, candles, incense, statues(I’ve seen a Maneki-neko at dollar stores), bowls, journals, bells, wine glass(can be used in place of a goblet), etc. Think about what you need and use your imagination to guide you on what you can use.

Being a witch shouldn’t hurt your wallet and not having fancy tools does not make you less of a witch. May you be blessed on your witchpath )0(


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