Witchy Mental Health Tips

At times, taking care of your mental health can feel like an exhausting uphill battle. While it may not be easy, there are some things that we can do to help ease our struggle. Here are a few witchy tips for dealing with mental health.

Incorporate Magic Into Non-Magical Rituals


If you start your day off with a cup of coffee imagine that you’re drinking an energy potion. As you pour your coffee into a mug think about how it will jumpstart your morning. Feel the warmth spread from the mug to your hands and throughout your body with each sip. Imagine that the warmth spreading is the magic taking a hold of your body and giving you the amount of energy you need.

Take a Break

If you’re feeling overwhelmed take a few minutes to meditate or find somewhere quiet where you can steady your mind. Sometimes I need a break in the middle of the day, but I’m not in an area where I can meditate, so I find a coffee shop and sit down for 30 minutes or more, depending on what other responsibilities I have are. I put in my earbuds so no one will bother me and I pretend to read if I have a book with me. If you cant find a coffee shop then find a bookstore. The quietness in a bookstore helps to bring me back to reality if I am having a meltdown or I feel that I am about to have a panic attack.

Dealing With Anxiety

If you are feeling anxious take a moment to remove yourself from the situation as much as possible. Hold onto an amulet, sachet, or something small that has meaning to you and send a prayer to your deity or the Universe. Ask for help to ground you and focus on what is in your hand, your connection to the universe, and breathe evenly. I have found that wearing a piece of jewelry that is connected to my deity helps me to keep a hold onto reality when I feel myself spiraling. It also gives me an extra piece of protection and makes me feel less alone.

Use Aromatherapy  


Some people might overlook using aromatherapy, but it can be very useful. I suffer from insomnia and I use an oil diffuser every night to help me sleep. During the day I use my diffuser to help with my mood swings and sometimes simply smelling a pleasant aroma is enough to slightly shift my mood.

Suggested oils and their properties

  • Lavender – sleep, clear negative energy, reduces stress and muscle tension
  • Rosemary -healing, protection, cleansing
  • Basil -harmony, cheerfulness, concentration
  • Myrrh -healing, meditation, protection, balance emotions
  • Sandalwood -healing, protection, clear negative energy
  • Rose -love, peace, feel beautiful, balance, protection
  • Sage – cleansing, protection, strength

Write in Your Grimoire


Even if you don’t have a spell writing in your grimoire is a great way to feel your connection to your craft when you haven’t written or done any spells in a while. I feel guilty sometimes when I don’t do a spell and I wonder if I can still call myself a witch when I’m not doing any “witchy things,” but I have to remind myself that the craft is a journey. No two witchpaths are the same and your path will change over time as you learn and grow. Write about how you are feeling or anything that comes to mind. I have found doing this helps me feel less alone and anchors my mind onto something real.

Sit at Your Altar

If you haven’t done any spells or rituals or anything else associated with your craft, then sit in front of your altar for a few minutes. Sometimes I sit and speak to the universe or I just look at my altar. Looking over the things I have placed on my altar helps ground me and helps me to feel connected to my craft. I think about what each item on my altar means to me and what spells I have done. Sometimes I will look through my grimoire and read from the beginning and try to remember the feelings I felt when I first wrote in it. This helps to recreate positive moments and shifts my mood and emotions.

Keep Your Medications on Your Altar

If you take medication you can place them on your altar so you can see them easily. Place a blessing on your meds or do a spell to help you to remember to take them every day as your doctor has recommended. If seeing your meds in their bottle makes you feel negative find a decorative pill case for them or decorate the bottle with symbols that are meaningful to you. If you incorporate taking your meds into your craft you will be more likely to take them and feel connected to your mental wellbeing.

Do a Tarot or Oracle Card Reading to Start Your Day


Do a one card spread and ask the cards what you can do to make your day flow better. I find that whenever I do this my day feels as though it is more structured and I can anticipate things that can potentially be triggering.  It also helps to relieve some of my anxiety and I am able to focus more on whatever tasks I have to do for that day.

I hope that you can use these tips to help you cope with your mental health. Never neglect yourself and know that you are worthy and loved. May the Goddess shine her healing light over you )0(

You are loved always






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