Restraint and Letting Go

Today’s tarot message is about restraint and letting go. Knowing when to hold on and let go is a fine-balance that we must walk on our spiritual journey. Every day we encounter situations where we have to decide if we should hold onto a relationship or feelings we have or let them go. I have found this to be difficult when I felt as though my anger or resentment was justified. When I have had these moments, I remind myself that holding on to negative emotions does nothing for me and binds me to those feelings. Doing so makes me relive what I am trying to escape and leaves me in an endless cycle. When you find yourself caught in this cycle, ask yourself, “Do these feelings serve my highest good? How can I let them go?” You may find yourself struggling to release them, but we cannot know balance and freedom until we let go of negative emotions.

Our spiritual journey is not always easy, but part of our path is figuring it out as we go along. When we encounter situations where we feel negative emotions let them go and remind yourself that you must let go of what does not serve your highest good )0(


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