Witchy Self-Care

2020 was an awful year, but 2021 is not off to a great start. Many of us have been glued to the tv for the past week and are stressed and anxious. During these times of heightened emotions, it is vital to take care of our mental health. Here are a few witchy self-care tips to help you during times of stress and anxiety.

Commune with nature

Communing with nature is not only an important part of your craft, but it is also a way for you to incorporate self-care into your practice. When you are in nature you can let go of your worries and allow them to drift away with the wind. Let your senses take in the smells of the earth and the changing of the seasons. Remind yourself that as the seasons change, so will your circumstances. Feel the flow of nature around you and allow it to permeate your mind and soul.

Take a bath or soak your feet

Connect to your body with a bath or foot soak. Baths are relaxing and allow you to let go of any stress or negativity that you are holding on to. You can add herbs, flowers, and salts to your bath water to add fragrance and the power of those ingredients into your bath. Feel your worries float away and allow yourself to draw in the power of your bath water.


Meditating is an effective way to clear your mind and help you feel at peace. You don’t have to sit quietly and empty your mind to meditate. I have found that sitting near my altar doing nothing is a form of mediation for me. Even laying down letting my thoughts drift can be another form of meditation. The point isn’t to totally empty your mind, but to allow yourself to be still.

Do a tarot reading

Whenever I am stressed, I will do a tarot spread to help me better understand my situation. Communing with my cards is very relaxing and calming for me and allows me to view my problems from another perspective. If I’m feeling scatter-brained, then I choose a card that I want to emulate and draw on the power of that card to help me. Don’t feel pressured to pull the right cards because every card can be the right card for you.

Practice kitchen magic

You don’t have to be a chef or an experienced cook to prepare a healthy and delicious meal. Something as simple as a salad can be magical if you place your intentions on your food. Think about how the food will nourish and energize you. Add herbs and spices that carry the energy of love, harmony, and peace into your meal to pass on those traits to yourself.

Self-care is a necessary part of our daily routines and part of being balanced. We can not give to others or ourselves if we are not feeling good. Remind yourself that it is ok to put yourself and your mental health first. You cannot give from an empty cup, so be mindful of how you take care of yourself.


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