Oracle Messages – Moving Forward

What I love about the Wisdom of Avalon Oracle deck is the story that each spread tells. I can feel the magic of Avalon through each reading as I am drawn to the sacred isle. On this sacred journey, I have been communing more with my cards and the message that they gave me was very pertinent to my question: What is the best way to move forward?



Death can be a gift. It is not a physical death but the death of a situation or an old way of thinking that does not serve you. What needs to die in your life for you to move on? For me it is an old way of thinking and shedding my old thought processes that do not serve my higher purpose. If I want to see growth in my life I have to be willing to let my old self die and be reborn. Just like a phoenix rises from its ashes, so do we when we allow ourselves to flow with the cycle of things.

The Lady of the Lake


The Lady of the Lake forces us to examine ourselves and face truth and be in truth. Are you being truthful to yourself and others? Are you acting with integrity? She stands before us to remind us to stay true to higher selves and to be mindful. This is a time to also recognize signs and omens that the universe is sending. Pay attention and be ready to accept whatever challenge is set before you. With the Lady of the Lake by your side and with her sword of truth you will have all that you need to face any obstacles before you.

The Water Faery


The Water Faery reminds us to be mindful of our emotions and to not let them lead us. Conisder how you are really feeling about a situation that may be bothering you and think things through logically. Sometimes we need to step back and access things from an outside perspective. She also reminds us that we are more than our feelings and to allow negative feelings to flow down the stream. This is a time to be fluid like water.

Moving forward in any situation requires us to left go of what does not serve us (death). We have to let go of our old way of thinking and allow our old selves to fertilize the ground where we will be reborn. As we grow we must stay true to our higher selves and purpose and be ready to face new obstacles and challenges. There will be times where we will want to give in, but if we remain fluid we can move through any obstacle.



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