The Ethical Witch

Witchcraft and magic crosses cultural backgrounds and various walks of life. It can be very empowering and liberating to practice magic, but it is important to remember that what you do in your craft can and does affect others. These are a few things to consider when approaching your craft ethically.

Selling your wares


Whether you’re an artist, psychic, astrologer, etc. you might end up selling your gifts for profit. There is nothing wrong with this and you should get paid for the work you do, but it is important to be aware of how you go about it. If you are selling witch kits then make sure that the items are not from closed practices or endangered species of plants. If you offer card readings, chart readings, or psychic readings then charge a fair price and be thorough with your client. In both cases, the recipient is trusting you to guide them on part of their spiritual path so use your highest intention of good. You are worthy of the work you do so do it with integrity.

Position of power

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If you belong to a coven or other magical group be aware of your position and do not abuse it or stand for abuse to happen. There are many instances of sexual abuse and manipulation that has gone on in the spiritual community in recent years. Do not stand by and allow abuse to happen. Believe victims, help them through their trauma, and remove the abuser from the community. Be a support for the victims and create a system where abuse cannot happen or be tolerated in your group.

Respect Nature


Many witches and magic practitioners use things from nature in their craft. It is important to show your respect for the natural world and those who reside in it. If you are foraging for ingredients then take only what you need and do not unnecessarily disturb the environment. Reuse items whenever possible and don’t litter. The earth is also home to many other life forms that rely on the natural world to sustain their life. Be kind to them and our home.

Acquiring magical ingredients


There are many metaphysical shops online and in physical locations. It is wonderful that these items are now more accessible to us but it is still important to research how their items were acquired. Due to the popularity of gemstones, there are many mining sites that use child labor to mine for gems. Contact the shop, if it isn’t written on their site page, and ask them if their items are ethically sourced. Hold yourself accountable and be aware of where your items are coming from.

Cultural appropriation


This is a huge problem in the pagan and magical communities. Many people believe that if something “calls” to them then it is ok for them to use in their own practice or even sell. This is very damaging to the communities that it infringes on, particularly the Indigenous and Black communities. Unless you have been invited in from someone within the practice then please leave it alone. You are taking away from sacred beliefs that are passed down through families and communities. If you find yourself being “called” to an item or belief then look to your heritage. You are probably longing for familiarity and kinship which can be found if you are willing to look within your heritage.

Walk your walk


Do what you say and mean what you do. Your path may change as you grow but always have integrity and be mindful of yourself and how your path impacts others. Set your intentions to always be of the highest good and you will never stray from the path.


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