Urban Witchcraft

It can be difficult being an urban witch if you feel nature calling to you. Green spaces are not always easy to come by and being in a concrete jungle does not feel very magical. However, if nature is important to you then there are a few ways to help bring nature to you.

Remember, nature is everywhere


You may not be able to see it but nature is everywhere. The streets may be paved and skyscrapers may abound but nature lies beneath. She is in the cracks of cement pushing her blades through to reach the sunlight and the water that flows from water fountains. Once you open your eyes you will see that you can find nature all around you.

Connect to local spirits


Reseach the local spirits and learn about them. From there, form a relationship with them by presenting small offerings and communicating with them. Local spirits can offer you knowledge about your city and where energy points are. Show honor and respect to them in whatever way they present themselves to you.

Bring nature to you


No matter what size your house or apartment is you can add a little greenery to your space. Place a few plants on your windowsill or hang one or two form your ceiling if you’re able to. Having small pieces of nature in your living space will help to keep you connected to the outside world and ground you.

Find a quiet place


If you live in an apartment with rooftop access utilize this space. You can do spells and rituals here or do a little moon gazing. If you have a yard create a small corner for youerlf to meditate or for your spells and rituals. It doesn’t matter where it is as long as you find a space that you can make your own, even if only for a short period of time.

Connect to the energy of the city


Every city has its own unique energy. Tap into that energy and align yourself with it. Feel the life of the city and how every being that resides there moves through it. Allow yourself to connect to where you live and the other beings that reside there.

Being an urban witch may be challenging but if you look around you will find that magic can be found anywhere.


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