10 of Wands: Release Yourself from Burden

Today’s tarot message is from the 10 of Wands. This card came at the perfect time for me because I have felt as though I have stretched myself thin. Part of being balanced is knowing your limits and allowing yourself to take a break and step back and access your situation. Carrying more than you can handle is not beneficial for yourself or others because you aren’t present. Your mind is scattered and you aren’t fully focused on any of your tasks. It’s ok to take a break or manage things on a smaller scale. You aren’t superman, and no one can have that expectation on you, nor should you have that on yourself.

Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed, stop what you’re doing and ask yourself, “why do I feel burdened?” Look at your situation from an outsider’s perspective and see where you have taken on more than you can handle. There’s no merit in stretching yourself beyond your limits and it’s ok to step back. When you understand your limitations, you will be able to handle each situation more effectively and productively )0(


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