Goddess Connection – Finding Your Patron Goddess

Many magic practitioners will have a patron deity or Goddess that they work with or worship in their practice. While you don’t have to have one it does offer support in your magic and for some, it makes their magic more meaningful. If you are looking to connect to a Goddess or find your patron Goddess you can try these tips to help you on your Goddess quest.

Think about what you want from the relationship

It’s not necessary to have a patron Goddess or work with any deities but it’s important to think about what sort of relationship you want to form in having one. Some practitioners work with their Goddess so their relationship is more of a partnership. Others view their Goddess as one to be worshiped and see themselves as devotees. Whatever way you view the relationship it will also depend on the personality of the Goddess so take that into consideration through your search.

Look to your ancestry

What I love about looking to your own culture is that you can connect to Goddesses that your ancestors formed relationships with. You can build on this and continue a bond that has lasted for centuries or even thousands of years.


Read about different Goddesses and see which ones call to you. If you find one from a closed practice then think about what it is you like about her and find those characteristics from a Goddess in an open practice/religion. Once you find your Goddess this will help you to understand her and strengthen your bond.

Listen for her call

This isn’t necessary and it does not make anyone spiritually superior if they are called on by a Goddess, but it is possible for anyone to do. This isn’t something that can be done instantaneously and it might not be fireworks in the sky kind of signs. The important thing to remember is that Goddesses are on different vibrations from us so you have to be aligned with their vibrations to hear their call. Meditate and open your heart and mind to receiving her call. Don’t place a time limit because time is only relevant to humans and listen for the subtle voice of the divine seeking you.

Connecting to your Goddess

Here a few ways to establish your relationship with your Goddess:

  • Pray to her.
  • Talk to her about your day and yourself. Also, ask her questions. This is a relationship so you are getting to know each other.
  • Write poetry, sing songs, dance, or draw for her if these are things that she enjoys.
  • Create an altar dedicated to her.
  • Give daily offerings or gifts.
  • Surround yourself with items that she likes.
  • Participate in activities that she likes. You can also talk to her about how it made you feel to do these activities.

Whether through research or you hear her call your patron Goddess will be an ally, confidant, friend, or mentor on your magical journey. Your relationship may deepen through the years or you may find that you have drifted apart. As with all relationships, it will change over time and you will see yourself grow and transform in your craft. May the Goddess ever be with you )0(


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